Home Music Ancestors release “Gone” (the opening track from their upcoming album)

Ancestors release “Gone” (the opening track from their upcoming album)


Lost Angeles based Post Rock / Metal band Ancestors have released “Gone”, the opening track from their album (which will be released in August 2018).

Ancestors create mighty, modern music that dovetails slow, heavy riffs and atmospheric, melodic instrumental passages, exuding a deep sense of melancholy. Six years have passed since the band’s previous album, In Dreams and Time, which came at a transitional and difficult time in each of the band members’ lives.

Ancestors have gone through a few changes…

In those six years, Ancestors has been slimmed down from a 5-piece to a 3-piece, also adding drummer (Daniel Pouliot of Horse The Band and ex- Silver Snakes) to their ranks. This line-up has consciously taken their time in writing their 5th album. It was surely worth the wait: Suspended in Reflections (the new album) is a culmination of everything the band have accomplished thus far. It feels like the band have finally arrived at their own, right place.

“I think that as songwriters we’ve grown exponentially over the past six years,” comments guitarist and vocalist Justin Maranga… “but the most important change was the removal of ego from the writing and recording process. We tried to step out from behind our respective instruments to write the best album we could. We made a beautiful record as a team.”

Ancestors - Suspended in Reflections
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Ancestors‘ soundscapes are slow and vast, melancholic, dreamy and heavy, all at the same time: fertile soil for venturing outside of the typical realms of rock and metal instrumentation. The jazzy bass lines in “Release” and the proggy strings in “Into The Fall” prove that the 3-piece is not confined to any specific genre of music.

The use of an Aeolian-Skinner church organ, however – an instrument with close to 1.941 pipes – woven throughout the album, is the proof that these excursions are not blind experiments, but landmarks of a sonic path that this band has carefully chosen. In their 11 years as a band, Ancestors has toured multiple times and played festivals in Europe, the USA and Canada. The band will return to Europe in the fall of 2018.

Crank up “Gone” (the opening track off their upcoming Suspended in Reflections) below. If you’re a fan of Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, Neurosis, Stars Of The Lid, Hawkwind or King Crimson, you might enjoy this track…

The album will be released via Pelagic Records on the 24th of August 2018.

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