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Olisha releases debut single


Creating original, classic pop songs Olisha debuts with her single Strangers from her upcoming album. The video has already amassed over 350,000 views from 180 cities around the world.

Olisha is so passionate about music that she has control over every element of her music, from writing to performance to production – this is no mere hobby. To her, music is a way of life. It’s this dedication that has led Strangers to be embraced among music fans around the world.

Eighteen years into the second millennium, Olisha is nostalgia for music fans who may not even have been born at its dawn. For these listeners, nostalgia is the songs they grew up with in the 1990s and 2000’s, Olisha’s music taking its cue from the immediacy of pop from this time, whilst combining it with her influences, Michael Jackson and Jay Sean.

Strangers tells of learning to let go of a person even if you don’t want to, and showcases Olisha’s strong, alluring voice. With huge potential to break out in the mainstream as well as Asian markets, Olisha is spearheading the return of real pop for pop fans who have been denied it for too long.

Don’t take our word for it though, have a listen to Strangers below:

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