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8 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Pretty Pandora


Pretty Pandora is an online shop that sells a variety of stunning alternative stock that cannot be found in your everyday store.

This online shop is based in Pretoria, South Africa and has been around since 2012. Pretty Pandora ships purchases to anywhere in South Africa.

Pretty Pandora - South Africa
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Recently Pretty Pandora have started targeting bands / events to sponsor printed guitar picks. These picks are perfect for advertising or to throw out in the crowd when they’re on stage. Check out some of them below. I’m pretty sure that you’ll spot guitar picks that were done for Bunk and Hellcats.

Pretty Pandora - Guitar Picks
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Pretty Pandora is one of my favourite online alternative stores. Here are 8 items that are available at Pretty Pandora in August 2019. They are definitely reasons why should shop there. Just check them out below and you’ll agree.

1. Skull Hoody

This stunning item is available for R350 in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L.

Funky Skull Hoody - Pretty Pandora
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2. Jack Skellington Bobble Head

This bobblehead featuring from the famed character from A Nightmare Before Christmas glows in the dark and is available for only R300.

Jack Skellington
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3. Black Leather Handbag

Ladies, this stunning bag is available for only R250.

Leather Handbag
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4. Z’Oreya Make Up Brushes

This stunning set of Make Up Brushes will set you back only R350. Pretty Pandora stocks a variety of make up brushes. If you 2 of the sets in this Facebook album, it will set you back only R400.

Z'Oreya Make Up Brushes
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5. Unicorn Hoodie

This stunning Unicorn Hoodie is available in Small & Medium and will set you back R450.

Unicorn Hoddie
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6. Rainbow Dog Shirt

This stunning shirt with a rainbow pooch will set you back R250 and is available in Large & Extra Large.

Rainbow Dog Shirt
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7. Rainbow Rock ‘n Roll Skull Shirt

This stunning shirt is available in Medium and Large and will set you back R250.

Rainbow Rock 'n Roll Skull Shirt
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8. Catpuccino Shirt

This stunning shirt featuring cats in cappucino cups will set you back R250. It’s available in Medium & Large.

Catpuccino Shirt
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Liking what you see? Check out the Pretty Pandora Facebook Album featuring all the items that are in stock for August 2019 HERE. You can send them an Inbox message to order.

If you need more info about Pretty Pandora, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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