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The Narrow runs Crowdfunding Campaign for their new album


Great news music fans! Following the success of Fokofpolisiekar‘s crowdfunding campaign for their new album (which ended a while ago), kick-ass South African Hard Rock / Nu Metal act The Narrow have followed suit and started a campaign to raise funds for their new album (which is going to be released in September 2017).

It will be The Narrow‘s first new album release in 7 years. With a career spanning 15 years, 3 studio album releases, 3 SAMA nominations, numerous national tours and radio play and headlining the country’s biggest festivals (like Oppikoppi and RAMFest), the band have decided to start an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their 4th studio album.

The Narrow have always been fan-driven and this gives fans (like me and you) the opportunity to become part of their history. All they’re hoping to do is cover the costs, any profit they make will be donated to charity. The band needs around $3500 to fund their new album and have already raised just over $2100.

The Narrow needs to sell about 300 albums to reach their goal. A digital download costs only $10 and a signed album will only set you back $14. That may not sound like a lot, but these days you can get any music for free so they really need your support to make this happen. To be honest, it’s gonna get done, but if they can cover their cost they’d be over the moon!!

Music is the way that the band communicates and tell stories.If their music meant anything to you, inspired or helped create a memory then they’re very happy! The Narrow‘s hope is that this new album will do the same and maybe even inspire a new generation of rockers out there! If you want to donate to this campaign, click here.

To get yourself into a giving mood, crank up their latest single release “Slow Me Down” below:

The Narrow is one of my favorite live acts and I’ve been following them for years. I hope they achieve this goal and deliver another epic album that will blow us away and breathe some much-needed hard rock / nu metal vibes into the SA Music scene.

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