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10 Facts: Aandklas Hatfield


I can’t remember the first time I went to Aandklas Hatfield, but I do remember a lot of things that have happened there over the years. I remember the after parties after Vredefest, the Vanfokkingtasties after party in 2010 (which was also Francois Van Coke’s 30th Birthday) and I remember the first time I went there with @BaasDeBeer (on the night I met him at a Tweetup at Tings ‘n Times).

I also remember meeting Rob Forbes and hanging out with the Tuks FM crew, the the abundance of cleavage in my face when I photographed the ladies at the Boobs, Beer & Braai Party in 2011, the surprise show Francois, Wynand and Peach played for 300 people in 2012, the hours of podcasts I recorded for this blog on the deck in 2013, the tons of quiz nights on Wednesday evenings and the Grind Radio years (when we were broadcasting out of the back bar).

Fact is, that I’ve made some many friends and have so many memories of Aandklas Hatfield that they get jambled up sometimes and I forget what year it was when things happened. So many stories, so many drunken evenings, so many shots, so many friends, so many good times. What more can you ask for from a bar?

Aandklas Hatfield turned 10 years old over the weekend and I was there to party my arse off with “my family” and I was not disappointed. The hangover was definitely worth it.

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To pay homage to my favorite bar in Pretoria, I’ve decided to include a fact for each year that it’s been open, so here goes:

  • Aandklas Hatfield opened up its doors in 2006. Before it was there, the venue was called Up The Creek and before that it was a good old student commune. I actually bumped into one of the original occupants a few years ago who told us that “it was fun drinking in his commune again”.
  • The bar was opened by Rudi Oosthuizen and his brother Marcus Oosthuizen (who is running Aandklas Stellenbosch).
  • The Oosthuizen brothers opened the bar because they wanted to give rock ‘n roll a home in Hatfield. If I can recall correctly, the rest of Hatfield wasn’t so rock ‘n roll back then, so there’s was definitely a gap in the market.
  • Since Hatfield Square was demolished in 2015, it’s one of only 4 bars that remain in the area. In it’s heyday there were like 15.
  • It’s the cheapest bar in Pretoria to buy a local beer during daytime, only R12. (This special runs between 11 AM and 6 PM every day).
  • Aandklas Hatfield has one of the longest running quiz nights in Pretoria. Wednesday Quiz Nights have been around for more than 8 years.
  • It’s the only bar that I know of that has it’s own anthem (“Tribute” by Tenacious D) and believe me, everyone takes this seriously. Jack Black would be proud to hear how loud everyone sings this song. Maybe he should play a show here?
  • Although not allowed, dancing on the tables seems always inevitable (and if you’ve been there so many times that I have, you’ll agree with this statement).
  • Without a doubt this is one of Pretoria’s musician hubs. Chances are that you’ll bump into someone who wants to start a band, who’s already in a band, whose band is playing at the venue or who was in a band at some stage at Aandklas Hatfield. Since 2015 the venue has also been hosting an Open Mic night on Sunday nights to give new talent a chance to flourish.
  • The venue is infamous for hosting Pretoria’s best Halloween Party annually, the R11 party (on 11/11/11), the R12 party (on 12/12/12) and a R13 party and being “the place where people ended up” after band shows in Hatfield Square.
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Well, there you have it, 10 facts about Aandklas Hatfield. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my memories and found the facts insightful.

Huge thanks to Rudi, my crazy friends (Aspoestertjies, Denmarkians and everyone else) for making Aandklas what it’s always been, a great place to make friends and have a good time whilst listening to good old rock ‘n roll.

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