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My 2 cents on the new range of Twisp X devices


Great news! Twisp has released a new range of X range devices. Their 11th generation devices feature robust atomizer coils, improved vapour production and density. Each device boasts an innovative modular design and allows you to tailor your Twisp to your unique taste and deliver an unparalleled sensory experience.

The Twisp Edge X features a variable power output system. This allows you to select just the right density and amount of vapour, depending on your mood or occasion. It also features a host of upgrades including an integrated atomizer base and the Twisp Smart Button. The device is available in White. It contains: An Edge Mouthpiece, an Edge X Atomizer Tank, 2 Edge Atomizer Heads, an Edge X 650mAh VV Battery, an AC/USB Adapter, a USB Cable and a manual.

The Twisp Aero X packs immense power into its compact frame, taking the revolutionary standard introduced by the original Twisp Aero to new heights with a host of upgrades and innovations. The Aero X allows for 2 atomizer head arrangements, the standard producing a dense flavourful draw, while the free flow Atomizer Head (sold separately) allows for an effortless draw and maximized vapour production. It contains: An Aero Mouthpiece, an Aero X 2 ml Stainless Steel Atomizer Tank, 2 x 1 ohm Aero Atomizer Heads, an Aero X 1100mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery, an AC / USB Adapter, a USB Cable and a manual.

I have been fortunate enough to try out both of these Twisp X range devices and I have to admit that the Aero X is definitely my favorite out of the two. I just prefer it’s compact design. It just fits into my hand a lot comfier than the Edge X. The new 5 click on / off feature is pretty damn useful. My previous Twisp device overheated in my pocket because I wasn’t sure how to switch it off, but this definitely won’t happen with one of these devices.

There’s nothing wrong with the Edge X though. It gives me the same satisfactory effect that I have with the Aero X. I just prefer the Aero X because it feels like the electronic cigarette that a guy should use, it’s thicker than the Edge X. It actually feels like I’m smoking a cigar when I’m vaping with it. If you’re a girl and you want to vape, I’d recommend the Edge X.

Twisp is the definitely the best option for vaping, so please beware of cheap imitations.

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