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A quick chat with a Oppikoppi Veteran who’s ready to #RockWithCuervo


My good friend and Oppikoppi Veteran, Nino is attending his 20th festival this year and he’s ready to #RockWithCuervo. I’ve known this legend for more than 15 years and like your’s truly, he’s definitely an expert on this subject.

Just check out some of the memorabilia that’s he’s collected over the years at Oppikoppi festival:

I recently had a chat with Nino about Oppikoppi, this is what he had to say:

I understand that this year will be your 20th Oppikoppi festival, what makes you come back to the festival every year?

I think I might be addicted the Oppikoppi. The Vibe ,The People and definitely the music makes me come back every time. It was also my very first music festival that I went to way back in 1996 and it has been fun growing and changing with the festival.

What is the funniest thing that you’ve experienced at Oppikoppi?

At Oppikoppi Trek in 2000 I got way too smashed the night before and woke up next to my campsite the next morning. I had no idea how I got there but knew that I needed water and a lot of it soon. I then made my way to the only drinking tap that was in the camping area close too where the ablution facilities are, but I was not the only one that needed water and needless to say there was a long queue.

I was still way too smashed and passed out in the queue. I was awoken way later too find too my surprise that I was in the front of the queue. The guys in front of me had kept my place in the queue and moved me as it moved forward till I was in front. I still don’t know who they were but I am still grateful.

What advice would you offer for Oppikoppi virgins?

Keep hydrated and make sure you do eat. You will wake up with a drink in your hand and immediately want too start partying again. The vibe is that intoxicating. So, what I am actually saying is that if you eat and keep hydrated you can party longer. Works especially well if you have FOMO like me.

How would you say the festival has changed, since the first one you went to?

Definitely more People and more Bands. And there isn’t a swimming pool in front of the stage anymore.And the stages became permanent somewhere with new names. Gone are the Savannah, Tassenberg, Black label and Mainstay stages.

If you had the opportunity to #RockWithCuervo, what would you do?

Well apart from drinking a lot of Cuervo obviously i will be bringing my great personality and lots of Oppikoppi stories (In my dae….) hahahahaha.

Which acts should people NOT miss at Oppikoppi this year?

Hellcats is definitely one of my favourite acts at the moment, but also don’t miss the Oppikoppi favourites like The Narrow and Fokofpolisiekar.

I’d like to thank Nino for taking time off to do this interview and I’m looking forward to having a few Cuervos with him at the Top Bar this weekend. If you see him waltzing around the festival, buy him a shot, cause that’s how we #RockWithCuervo.

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