6 Personalities Combined Between Games of Thrones and Poker

Is there a way that you can combine 6 amazing personalities when it comes to Game of Thrones and Poker? Today we explore this in detail.

So What’s A “Thronie”? 

Game of Thrones is the wildly popular HBO television series based on the books by George R.R. Martin. Now in its sixth season, Game of Thrones stands as a cultural phenomenon of the modern media age.  The show is watched by millions of fans all over the world and has won a total of 26 Emmy awards, and still counting.

Avid Game of Thrones viewers are so immersed in the show’s world that many hours are devoted to discussing its plotlines and theorizing on what lies in store for the characters. There are podcasts, blogs and entire websites devoted solely to conversations around Game of Thrones. HBO itself now produces a weekly review show called “After the Thrones”.

Game of Thrones

The show connects with people because it does a great job of creating complex and compelling characters. The fight of good against evil looms large, and we get to watch as the heroes go on difficult journeys the hold the possibility of a swift death at every turn. Game of Thrones has shown that it is not afraid to shock its audience, or to take things down an unexpected path.

“That makes it much like a poker game,” Greg Shaun, editor at PokerSites.com says, “in that it shocks, surprises, and the fact that the good guys don’t always win. And poker is filled with characters, just like Game of Thrones, although poker does have far fewer deaths and far less nudity.”

The Felt Throne

We felt that the key characters in Game of Thrones would be well suited to team poker tournament play. Jon Snow’s poker face, Daenerys Targaryen’s steely confidence, or Tyrion Lannister’s fierce intelligence, would all translate perfectly to the felt. Ramsey Bolton will go to almost any length to win while Margaery Tyrell, despite being a Queen, has an insatiable hunger for power. Sansa Stark, while reserved, has an unmatched tenacity, all of these are great poker traits and these characters would be perfect for poker!

Ruling an empire is very much like being crowned king of a poker tournament. There is a time to stay calm, and a time to put your enemies to the sword. There are big decisions to be made in tense moments and you need a ruthless streak to prevail over your opponents. Only the strongest minds come out on top.

So Who Do We See Ruling A Poker Empire? 

We looked at current poker pros to see if we could find players that match up with the main characters from Game of Thrones. Let us know what you think and if you have any additional suggestions.

Steve O’Dwyer and Jon Snow

If you’re a Thronie you’ll know that he has luck on his side. He’s also devilishly handsome and brimming with confidence. We’re paired Snow with Steve O’Dwyer who, like the Game of Thrones hero, also started off from humble beginnings and rose to become a leader in his field.

Jon Snow

Liv Boeree and Daenerys Targaryen

Two intensely powerful women, either of which would be formidable at the poker table. And that’s before we’ve considered Daenerys’s dragons watching on. Just like the Mother of Dragons, Liv Boeree is a fiery competitor with a calm head in tense situations.


Phil Ivey and Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell and Phil Ivey are charitable people. Both of them will always want to be the best and will stop at nothing to get there. They are both headstrong and quick-witted. Put these two together and you would have a poker force that would strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.


Tyrion Lannister and Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu and Tyrion Lannister share limitless ambition. Both men have faced their share of challenges, but have found ways to survive and thrive. For Negreanu it’s meant making huge sums of cash; for Tyrion it’s sometimes just been about staying alive against the odds. We’re think their tactical minds pair up perfectly, so be aware fellow players.


Dan Coleman and Ramsey Bolton

Ramsey Bolton is such a hideously evil character on Game of Thrones that it’s not really fair to compare him to anyone. But we’re going to anyway, and that man is Dan Coleman, who has made headlines in poker for his controversial statements. Coleman hasn’t come close to flaying a man alive yet, but we think these two would be devilishly wicked together at the poker tables.


Annette Obrestad and Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark and Annette Obrestad are both bold and fearless. While Obrestad’s apprenticeship was spent playing online poker in her teens, Sansa was going through the ordeal of watching her family ripped apart and her father’s head planted on a stake. These are strong women who are wise for their age and could seriously rule at poker.


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