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Here’s your chance to score Blood Brothers 2018 tickets!


Blood Brothers 2018 tickets are already selling like hotcakes. The 4th edition of this annual event promises to be one of the best ones yet and you shouldn’t miss it.

This year’s edition of Blood Brothers features no less than 11 of the best South African musicians rocking out on one stage for 3 hours straight, in two different cities: Pretoria and Cape Town.

In case you missed the line-up, here’s who you can see at this years edition:

Adelle Nqeto, Ard Matthews (Just Jinjer), Chris van der Walt (The Black Cat Bones / Boargazm), Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar), Hanu De Jong (The Narrow / Not My Dog), Alessandro Benigno (Hellcats), Warwick Rautenbach (Hellcats), Jaco Mans, Jason Oosthuizen (Lost&Found), Jedd Kossew and Laudo Liebenberg (aKING).

Blood Brothers 2018
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These local rock legends will unite as one in the fight against cancer. They’re doing this to support of The Vrede Foundation. Blood Brothers 2018 is happening on the 22nd of September 2018 at Zip Zap Circus (in Cape Town) and the 29th of September 2018 at Platteland (in Centurion).

You can buy tickets for the Cape Town event HERE, or for the Pretoria event HERE. Alternatively, you’re welcome to try your luck in our competition…

We’re giving away Blood Brothers 2018 tickets!

Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket for the Cape Town show and a double ticket for the Pretoria show. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us WHAT you’d be willing to do to get your music-loving paws around these tickets.

Take note that the competition is NOT open to under 18’s. Start your comment with “PTA” (if you’re entering the competition for Pretoria) or “CPT” (if you’re entering the competition for Cape Town). This competition closes on the 30th of August 2018 at midnight. The winner will be notified on Friday the 31st of August 2018.

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  1. PTA – I need these tickets because for the last year I’ve been trying to get Warwick from Hellcats DNA so I can clone him and make the clone teach me how to play guitar properly. I also need these tickets because Ard Matthews went to my school and I have a letter from our old music teacher for him. In the letter she explains how proud she is of his accomplishments, but she also has included the lyric sheet for Nkosi Sikeleli Africa so that he never has to be embarrassed again.

  2. PTA * Ek sal vir Jed, Laudo, Jason en Francois elkeen ‘n Bra gooi ! Maybe vir Jed flash … <3 #superfancrush
    EN ek sal my kerel suprise met tickets vir die show…soos ek al vir 2 jaar in n ry gedoen het!
    (my boyfriend is die ultimate Afrikaans rock fan en het my aan my eerste koppie voorgestel 3 jaar terug)

  3. Ek en Heidi Kriel het besluit om die chorus van ‘Ek sweer op my lewe’ te record acapella style, dit vir jou te email en jy maak met dit wat jy wil (winner of rotten tomatoes)…

    EN ons koop graag vir Henno unlimited bier vir die aand!!!

  4. I shall lick the music-loving paws of every Blood Brother band member if I win a ticket for Platteland Pretoria, being that I am too old in years to flash anything else although age is only applicable to wine and cheese….

  5. CPT

    Aan gesien ek nie Koppi toe gaan nie en dit seker die naaste daaraan is sal ek my koppi gear aan trek en mal gaan.En ek sal die Kaapse ding doen en either n liftclub reel of n uber deel met vreemde mense

  6. I can’t sing or dance…am not very imaginative and am an introvert when it comes to showing body parts. But I will, for one evening, not drink any alcohol and be a designated driver for myself and three friends that wanna drive with me to the Pretoria show……. 🙂

  7. Cpt!
    Die vraag is meer: Wat sal ek nie doen nie? Want wat ek sal doen is basically enige iets. ENIGE IETS om nie die show te mis nie. Ingesluit by die enige iets – Ek sal definitely vir julle free marketing doen, want almal sal weet waar ek die kaartjies gekry het. So dis ñ wen-wen vir almal reken ek ‍♀

  8. PTA !

    Ek voel ek moet die kaartjies wen. My ou kon my nie laas jaar join omrede hy n operasie gekry het nie. Ek is baie lief vir hom, maar ekt steeds Blood Brothers gaan kyk. Ek sal graag hom wil verras met die kaartjies, ek sal designated driver wees sodat hy die beste tyd kan ervaar soos ek laas jaar ervaar het. Ek sal al my vriende motivate om ook te gaan as ons gaan kan gaan. Ek sal weer my ma saam bring ( sy het laas jaar gejoin, en dit ongelooflik baie geniet). Dan laastens sal ek my suster ( wat einde Aug China toe trek ) video call tydens die show wanneer Hanu de Jong op is, omrede sy hom LOVE! So give me a chance .. Toe nou


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