Introducing Mark Wright

There are some people with such a unique charisma and charm that they are all but guaranteed to have a room full of people eating out of the palm of their hand. Men want to be them, women want to be with them and all bar none are thoroughly charmed.

Booking a guest with these qualities for your event is a sure-fire way to make sure that everyone walks away with a smile on their face and feeling like they’ve had an enjoyable evening – and the rakish charm of Mark Wright is just one of the reasons he makes an excellent celebrity guest at all sorts of events.


It’s surely in no small part down to his past as a club promoter that he has the charisma he does – he’s a salesman through and through.

A very recognisable face means fans of all ages will be keen to grab a selfie with this king of reality TV, making him a real draw at any event you’re organising. Read on to find out more about Mark Wright’s career and why he’s an ideal choice of celebrity talent to add a little glamour to your next event.

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Wright is best known as a cheeky Essex chappie, and one of the original cast members of the hit ITV series The Only Way is Essex. The show followed several young men and women in and around Brentwood in Essex as they lived, loved, partied and frequently fell out.

The show is described as a type of modified reality show, in which real people are placed in modified or set up situations and deliver unscripted dialogue, but with some input and direction from producers.

It’s one of the UK’s most popular TV series, and Wright’s appearance on the first three series ensured that he quickly became a household name. The youngster was characterised as a jack-the-lad and something of a flirt, though he has since protested that this was not an accurate representation of his personality.

The series propelled the ‘Essex style’ into the mainstream and made Essex into a somewhat more aspirational and desirable than it had previously been – simultaneously, Mark Wright became an icon of the look and of the show.

Wright has also been connected romantically with a string of other celebrities over the years, including fellow TOWIE star Lauren Goodger and most recently actress Michelle Keegan, who he married in 2015.

An appearance on I’m a Celebrity cemented Mark’s place in the popular mainstream and since quitting TOWIE he has gone on to work as a successful presenter on both TV and radio.

One of the most successful ventures that he has been involved in is the Take Me Out spin off, Take Me Out: The Gossip. Airing directly after the main show, this sees Wright and co-presenter Laura Jackson follow couples who have appeared on the show as they get to know each other, with plenty of drama and heartbreak all round.



In 2014 the Essex lad also made it into the final of Strictly Come Dancing, eventually landing the 4th place spot but cementing himself as a firm fan favourite in the process!

As well as charming the pants off men, women and children, Wright is a character who appeals to a wide cross-section of people. As funny and endearing as he is charming he can engage and connect with everyone from surly teenagers to retirees. Of course, he’s probably most recognisable among those of the younger generations, and would make an appealing and exciting guest at a dinner or awards ceremony for a sports team comprised of young members or a university event.



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