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Big Shoes

STRAB 2019: An Interview with Michael Canfield from Big Shoes

Big Shoes are one of the acts who will be playing at STRAB 2019 this week. I recently had a chat to Michael Canfield...

STRAB 2019: 7 acts you should check out

STRAB 2019 is happening next week at Ponta Malongane in Mozambique. Today I'm featuring 7 acts you should check out if you're making your...
Music Festival

101 Interesting music festival facts you may not have known

You may have attended at least music festival in your life, but did you know that hundreds of them happen all around the world...

This is what I want at my music festivals

We all know that person who used to love going to music festivals and now can't stand the things. "It's just not the same anymore." "It...

6 Things You Did Not Know About Michael Bolton

Beware we get into some Michael Bolton facts: Not everyone's a douche. This is a summary of how a mullet-wearing pop star changed the...

My 2 cents on STRAB 2016

I almost want to humm Eninem's song “Guess Who's Back” since it’s been six months since my last article on Running Wolf’s Rant, but I’m...

My 2 cents on STRAB 2015

At the end of last month I was one of the fortunate music loving pilgrims who made their way to the 2015 edition of...

The year that was 2014…

2014 was a great year. I have to admit that I did not expect much of this year when it started, but boy oh...

Introducing Christo “Baas” De Beer

It's time for the third installment in the Meet The Grind Radio Crew series on Running Wolf's Rant. Today's lucky Grind Radio personality is...

My Road to STRAB: A tribute to Suzie

We’re always excited when May comes around. The prospect of heading to Mozambique for a weekend of sun, surf and music has to brighten...

My 2 Cents on STRAB 2014

This past weekend I attended my fourth STRAB festival in Mozambique, and it was totally awesome. We left Pretoria at 4 AM on the...

William Welfare Releases Second Single Off ‘Shunt’

SA Rocker William Welfare (aka Willim Welsyn) aims to gain fans worldwide with debut album and upcoming C-grade sci-fi video. This South African Rolling Stone SA writer/photographer recently translated...

My 2 cents on the Road to STRAB party in Nelspruit

You know you had a good party when you woke the day after wearing a dirty smelling Olmeca Tequila t-shirt, have one shoe on...

My 2 Cents on STRAB 2013

Now that ALL the sand has been washed off my feet, I can finally tell you about my experience at STRAB 2013. It was...

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