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Advert addicts welcome

Savanna Cider

Do you remember this Classic Savanna Cider Monkey Advert?

Today I'm featuring a Classic Savanna Cider advert featuring a monkey and famous South African comedian Barry Hilton. In case you did not know, Savanna...
Volkswagen Logo

Do you remember this Classic Volkswagen Volksiebus Advert?

Today I'm featuring a Classic Volkswagen Volksiebus Advert. It was released in the 1980s or 1990s. I can't really remember to be honest. Volkswagen is...
Tops at Spar

Tops at Spar Ads: A funny reminder that South Africa is a serious country

Tops at Spar has released 2 new adverts in the last 24 hours that serves as a funny reminder that we live in a...
Klipdrift Brandy

Klipdrift ‘Met Eish Ja’ Advert: Still legit in my books

Klipdrift is the market leader in brandy in South Africa and has over time become almost synonymous with the brandy category in the minds...
Volkswagen Logo

This Classic South African Volkswagen Advert will bring back memories

This South African Volkswagen Advert entitled 'Memories' is one of those adverts many South African my age will remember from their childhood. Volkswagen is...

This Classic Vodacom advert is still legit

Vodacom is South Africa's Biggest Cellular Network (with more than 41 million subscribers). The company also sponsors various teams in Super Rugby Tournament (which...
Castle Lager

This Classic Castle Lager Advert is still legit

Castle Lager is one of the best selling beers in South Africa. Castle Lager has been brewed since 1895. The beer was originally a...

The South African Airways “One Flag” Advert is still legit

This South African Airways advert with the theme "One Flag" was aired on South African TV and in movie theatres to promote the airline...
King Price Insurance

King Price Insurance releases brilliant Braai advert

King Price Insurance has done it again! The South African insurance company has released a brilliant braai advert. The advert involves a driver and...
King Price Insurance

King Price’s Lobola TV advert has South Africa in stitches

King Price Insurance has done it again! They've released a lobola TV advert that is most-likely one of the best adverts of the year...
King Price Insurance

New King Price Insurance advert has SA in stitches

A new King Price Insurance advert showing a farmer getting sexy with his tractor has South Africa in stitches. Insurance isn't traditionally an industry...

New PayPal Advert accused of “Ruining Christmas” for kids

PayPal aired an advert in the UK entitled "No Presents" and it has caused quite a stir. Since its release on the 1st of...

Cell C unleashes ad of sexual nature (NSFW)

South African Mobile Network Operator, Cell C, released a brand new advert of "sexual nature" promoting it's LTE network. The advert features a shirtless...

New Cell C Advert receives flood of BCCSA complaints

About a week ago Cell C released a new TV advert. The advert features a dog humping a man’s leg every time the lead...

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