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Savannah Cider Monkey Advert


This advert for Savannah Cider features a monkey and the famous South African comedian Barry Hilton. Savanna Cider is another popular alcoholic beverage brand in South Africa. The cider is made from Granny Smith apples (grown in the Western Cape province of South Africa). Since it’s arrival on the market both variations of the cider, Savanna Lite and Savanna Dry has always been served with a lemon slice which is placed in the neck of the bottle. The cider is normally consumed directly out of the bottle.

I highly recommend this beverage to tourists visiting South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup later this year, it’s very refreshing and ideal as a first drink of the day after a long hard night of partying. This advert has been selected to be featured in the TV Adverts section today.

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