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Do you remember this Classic Savanna Cider Monkey Advert?


Today I’m featuring a Classic Savanna Cider advert featuring a monkey and famous South African comedian Barry Hilton.

In case you did not know, Savanna Cider is a popular alcoholic beverage brand in South Africa. The cider is made from Granny Smith apples. The apples are grown in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Their ciders have always been served with a lemon slice (which is placed in the neck of the bottle). The cider is normally consumed directly out of the bottle. You can add ice to it (if you really want to).

Savanna Dry is very refreshing. It’s the ideal first drink after a long hard night of partying. It was introduced in SA by the Distell group in 1996. Savanna Dry is sold in over 40 countries, and is South Africa’s leading cider export and the third-largest cider brand in the world.

Savanna Light was launched in 2000. It contains less alcohol than Savanna Dry. Savanna Loco (a tequila based cider) and Savanna Blackbeard (a rum based cider) have also appeared on SA shelves over the last few years. A Non-Alcoholic cider was launched in April 2019.

Check out the classic Savanna Dry advert below. I’m pretty sure that this will make your day. He might be getting older, but Barry Hilton is still one of my favourite South African comedians. Hilton worked as an electrician before doing stand-up comedy as a full-time career from 1983.

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