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10 Hilarious @50NerdsOfGrey Tweets

"What if a nerd wrote 50 Shades of Grey?" is probably the question the person who created the @50NerdsOfGrey parody Twitter account asked before...

20 Hilarious “What They Found In Maropeng Tweets”

The discovery of a new species, the Homo naledi was announced this morning and it has opened the door to a new debate about...

15 Hilarious #MugabeFalls Memes

The Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe (now aged 90) tripped and fell as he descended the steps at Harare International Airport yesterday on his return...

30 Funny “Things Longer Than Oscar’s Sentence” Tweets

If you've been checking your Twitter feed today, chances are that you have been spammed by loads of #ThingsLongerThanOscarsSentence tweets. Thanks to sentence being...

13 Hilarious #SAPornTitles Tweets

Yesterday the South African Twitter sphere was abuzz with some hilarious #SAPornTitles tweets. Hundreds kept on coming throughout the day and clouded up almost...

3 Tweets of the Week (from @gevaaalikdotcom, @charlsiebun and @LillithL)

Yes folks, it's that time of the week again, Tweets of The Week time. Today I'm featuring tweets from @gevaaalikdotcom, @charlsiebun and @LillithL. I feature...

20 Funny / True #PreTwitter Tweets

This morning Twitter was abuzz with a new trend. The brilliant folks from Activation Media had an idea to get #PreTwitter hashtag trending, and...

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