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10 Facts: Angola


Angola is one of the countries located in Sub-Saharan Africa. Angola is bordered by Namibia to the South, Zambia to the East and the Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo the North. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Here are 10 facts about Angola:

  • The country was formerly known as Portuguese West Africa and obtained independence from Portugal in 1975 (after being under Portuguese rule from the 16th Century).
  • There was a civil war in the country from 1975 until 2002. The MPLA (backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba) and UNITA (Backed by the United States, Portugal, South Africa and Brazil) were the 2 factions involved in the civil war.
  • The country has an estimated population of +/- 18 million.
  • Luanda is the capital of Angola with an estimated population of 4.7 million. The city houses the country’s main port and airport and is also the most expensive city in the world (ahead of European and Japanese cities).
  • José Eduardo dos Santos is the president of the country. He’s been in this post since 1979.
  • The Kwanza is the national currency of the country.
  • It’s divided into 18 provinces.
  • The official language is Portuguese. About 60 other African languages are spoken including Umbundu and Ovambo. Some French and Spanish is also spoken in the country.
  • Angola derives its name from the kingdom of Ndongo, whose name for its king is “ngola”
  • Diamonds, Coffee, Petroleum, Sisal, Petroleum products, Cotton, Lumber and Fish are the major products exported from Angola.

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