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And the 2013 Darwin Awards go to…


In case you did not know, the Darwin Awards has its origins on Usenet on 1985. The awards recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own (and unnecessarily foolish) actions.

The official Darwin Awards website was launched in 1993 and a series of books followed shortly afterwards. It’s the perfect accolade for all the stupid people, otherwise I’ll have to use this meme a lot more than I already am.

Darwin Awards nominees get nominated based on five things: Inability to reproduce (must be dead or rendered sterile), excellence (astoundingly stupid judgment), self-selection (cause of one’s own demise), maturity (capable of sound judgment) and Veracity (the event must be verified). In Layman’s terms: you really have to be a dumb-ass to get a Darwin Award. Julius Malema should have gotten one ages ago (in my humble opinion).

2013 has had it’s fair share of stupid individuals doing stupid things, just take a look at these five Darwin Awards winners below.

UPDATE: And yes, after much criticism I realize that all these people below DON’T qualify for the awards based on the criteria but they are still stupid and SHOULD be sterilized or shot.

So, do you agree or disagree with this assessment? Leave a comment and let me know. Comment if you know of another individual who should be on this list for 2013.

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  1. Four of these five people fail to meet the first criterion you list: inability to reproduce. They’re still alive and still presumably able to breed.

  2. By the very criteria you outline in the top of the article, most of these cannot be Darwin Awards – because no-one is dead or sterilised.

  3. I thought the first criterion for nomination is, “Inability to reproduce (must be dead or rendered sterile)…? Only your winner fulfilled that condition.

  4. The only one of these (based on the story) that could qualify as a Darwin Award is the last one… Especially after you just defined what a Darwin Award was…

  5. What the previous commenters failed to point out is that these are all old as fuck…. i hate stumbleupon for taking me here

  6. Not Darwin Awards, these people did not enrich humanity by dying, etc.
    Basically gotta be dead, and in a stupid / self inflicted way.
    Get it together internet, your shit is tired son.

  7. The “Darwin Awards”, whilst entertaining, are in reality the norm today in America rather than oddities. Are then Americans just becoming more stupid or are they being “dumbed down” by the government and the socialist educational system? Hmmmm?


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