21 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes (2021 Inauguration Edition)

By now, everyone knows that Bernie Sanders attended the 2021 Presidential Inauguration (where Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States) in Washington D.C.

Everyone knows that Bernie Sanders was there

The Internet spread the word by posting some memes of the US Politician (who wore a mask to protect himself against Covid-19 and some mittens to brave the cold) on every social media network known to man. And it’s great.

Check out this collection of 21 Bernie Sanders Memes (that were posted over the last few days)

Bernie Sanders could consider selling hats (as an alternative profession)

Bernie Sanders Meme 01

It looks like the Starks love having Bernie over sometimes

Bernie Sanders Meme 02

Frodo and Sam are wondering who that man in the corner is…

Oppa Bernie Style…

Bernie Sanders Meme 04

Where’s Bernie?

Bernie Sanders Meme 05

Bernie doesn’t seem happy to be hanging out with the Van Tonders in Orkney (thanks Willim Welsyn)

Bernie Sanders Meme 06

We feel you Bernie, we feel you

Bernie Sanders Meme 07

Bernie Sanders like hanging out with Keanu it seems

Bernie Sanders Meme 08

Welcome to this week’s episode of Bernie Gone Wild

Bernie Sanders Meme 09

This week on Bernie In The City…

Bernie Sanders Meme 10

Bernie Sanders, first of his name, Wearer of Mittens, Sitter of Chairs

Bernie Sanders Meme 11

Bernie ended up in detention after the inauguration

Bernie Sanders Meme 12

Bernie likes hanging out with Deadpool too…

Bernie Sanders Meme 13

Is Bernie Sanders trying to steal The Fresh Prince’s Crown?

21 Hilarious Bernie Sanders Memes (2021 Inauguration Edition) 1

Bernie is so old, he had some good times with Abraham Lincoln

Bernie Sanders Meme 15

Bernie Sanders was part of the original Millenium Falcon Crew… (thanks @SethAbramson)

Bernie Sanders Meme 16

Bernie did Mufasa proud on the 20th of January 2021

Bernie Sanders Meme 17

Bernie likes hanging out with “The Dude”

Bernie Sanders Meme 18

Bernie was part of a mission to the Moon…

Bernie Sanders Meme 19

Bernie was in Bird Box (and Sandra Bullock didn’t notice that he was)…

Bernie Sanders Meme 20

We feel you Bernie, we feel you…

Bernie Sanders Meme 21

Well, there you have it, 21 Bernie Saunders Memes (2021 Inauguration Edition). Which one of these memes is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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