Why do you need Sales Automation Software?

This blog post provides knowledge on sales automation software and the benefits and other things related to the sales automation system. 

Basic Understanding Of Sales Automation

In general, the procedure of streamlining various repetitive, manual, and time taking tasks in a sales process is sales automation. It helps the sales team to concentrate more on selling rather than on administration. The sales force automation system secures two valuable aspects of companies, they are capital and time.

Sales Automation
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Sales Automation – Best Practices

There are many best practices to make the most out of the sales automation software. They are listed down. 

Strategy 1: Automation of tugging the sales feedback and review to the marketing. The feedback of the customers is important to know about the drawbacks or the areas that need development.

Strategy 2: Creating automation options to push winning content and messaging. Because almost 40% of the sales rep’s time is wasted for building the content and subject to share with prospects.

Strategy 3: Conserving and preserving time using sales automation software. Some of the examples are interlinking email to CRM and meeting and calendar settings.

Strategy 4: Distribution of sales content and resources. Almost 88% of chances are wasted because the sales team couldn’t discover internal resources.

Strategy 5: Expanding the automation services to phone calls and emails. Automating them helps in tackling the barriers and give faster responses. 

Importance of Sales Automation

Sales automation plays an important role in every business. So, below the importance of sales automation software for a company is mentioned.

Sales Automation

1. Fishing Out Potential Customers

The customers are the main aspect of every business. So, it is crucial to find the right customers. The sales department can use filter automation standards to discover potential clients. This filtering procedure has big possibilities of composing profitable conversions. The businesses that use sales automation software saw an increase of 225% in volume prospects and lead conversions. 

2. Email Follow up

The email also has a vital role in the sales process. Because you can send personalized emails to the right customers to increase the sales rate. The sales automation assists in the sales cycle automation procedure. The reminder emails, greeting emails, follow-up emails, and custom emails are automated.

3. Client Data

The sales automation helps in assembling stats that are significant for sales committees. The automation tools provide customer data to the sales team. It helps the sales team to know more about the preference of the consumers. 

4. Productivity

The most important goal of automation software for 47% of experts is the growth in sales revenue. Sales automation software helps in transferring more visitors into sales leads which in turn delivers high sales for the business firms. The companies that use sales automation saw an increase in productivity by 14.5%. 

Sales Automation - Productivity
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5. Documentation

The sales teams need to maintain the list of the contract with the vendors, sellers, and other parties. The automation tools store the lengthy documents and save the time and energy of the staff. It also sends reminders when the contract is near expiry. 

6. Accuracy

This is one of the greatest advantages of the sales force automation system. It is tough to keep track of the prices of various products for the sales team. So, sales automation creates a centralized pricing analysis. The software also gives accurate results. The automation of these processes assists in completing the deals faster. 

Source: PeppyBiz

7. Proposals

The sales automation supports sales teams in producing the best and skilled proposals in a short time. It also develops custom emails, quotes, and contacts to help the sales department. 

8. Analysis

The sales force automation system collects,  records, and examines sales phone calls. It uses the best conversation intelligence tools. The B2B companies that use sales automation software have seen an average of 10% increase in their sales pipeline contribution.

9. Reporting

The sales teams and departments use CRM and automation tools to keep track of the reports. It also uses internal emails for updating the progress of the project. 

Benefits of sales automation

Below are some of the best benefits and advantages of using sales automation software. 

  • The software automates the lead scoring procedure to point out excellent quality leads.
  • It organizes the departments into small teams for greater efficiency. 
  • Sales automation software enriches the sales preciseness and stimulates the sales cycle.
  • They also manage and store the data and information in a single platform to avoid chaos. 
  • It permits the creative usage of small resources by the sales team.
  • The software helps in giving faster responses to the clients.
  • The sales force automation system has various solutions for creating and streamlining the workflows.
  • It helps in maintaining and keeping visible sales leads in the sales funnel
  • Sales automation software boosts the company’s growth and productivity.
  • It also assists in improving sales rep’s performance. 

Some of the Best Sales Automation Software

Some of the best sales software are mentioned below. They are: 

1. PeppyBiz

Their software is in service since 2019 and as of now, more than 12,000+ enterprises trust this software. PeppyBiz is home to various types of software like sales, automation, marketing, and many more. It offers solutions to travel, IT, software, hospitality, e-commerce, and health care companies. They offer a free trial plan of the software for the users. Some of the features of this software are: 

  • Time-specific Gantt projects 
  • Various calendar views
  • Kanban boards 
  • Prioritizing deadlines and reminders
  • Document mergers and file integrations
  • Assigning particular roles
  • Multilingual and fast interactions and reviews. 

2. Sales Creatio

This is a sales automation and CRM software. It is suitable for tiny startups, medium companies, and large businesses. Their software is one of the top sales automation software. Some of the functions are documented flow automation, orders, invoices, sales forecasting, and system designer. Other features are integration, collaborations, and knowledge management. Sales creatio software has a free trial plan for a specific time. 

3. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot sales hub software started offering its software in 2006. As of now, this software is in use by 68,800+ companies scattered in more than 100 countries. It has the best sales automation, email marketing, service, and ticketing solutions. This software has a feature that can record the contacts in a series. Some of the functions are the automation of data, scheduling, follow-up reminders, email templates, and many more. It also offers tracking options for various things like customers, reports, replies, clicks, and status. Hubspot software has a free plan. 

4. Autopilot

This is an American software and came to the market in 2012. Autopilot is a web-based, SaaS, and cloud-based software. It has some of the best sales automation, marketing automation, and CRM solutions. This software is also one of the best software for sales automation. Some of the best features of this software are multichannel, campaigns, various tracking tools, dynamics, ROI status, and many more. The 24×7 customer support is given with the help of webinars, tutorials, guides, training, and live chat. It also has a free trial plan. 

5. Pardot

This software has been in the market since 2006. Many popular brands and companies use this software. It gives various automation solutions that help in improving the communication and connection between the teams. Some of the features are many tracking tools, immediate sync options, a visual editor, custom templates, and many more. It also has the best lead generating, scoring, and management methods. 

6. Growbots

This software is one of the leading sales automation software. It helps in creating custom, and personalized emails to send to the right customers. Their software assists in creating and tracking campaigns. Some of the unique features of this software are insights, outbound sales, A/B testing, and many more. It registers the customers into groups using specific criteria. 

7. Pipeliner

Pipeliner software is simple and sales friendly software. It helps in integrating with other apps and gives instant visual reports. This software also has a mobile app with built-in AI and automatic engine features. Their software also offers uniform navigation tools. They offer a free demo and a free plan for 14 days. Pioeliner software operates on both Android and iOS platforms and systems. 


The sales automation software is essential for any organization, and it gives various advantages to the companies and sales team. They help in utilizing the resources of the company, increases the sales rep’s potential. It also optimizes sales workflows. The sales force automation system assists in improving the deal closures by 30%, decreases sales cycles by 18%, and reduces sales admin time by 14%. So, in conclusion, if your sales team hasn’t used any software then it is high time to start using the sales automation software.  

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