Jennifer Morrison


Jennifer Morrison is most famous for her role as Dr Allison Cameron on the Medical TV series House. She was born in April 1979 in Chicago, Illinois in the USA. She’s starred in a few movies, in 1994 in Intersection and Miracle of 34th Street, in 1999 in Stir of Echoes, in 2003 in Grind and in 2005 in Mr & Mrs Smith.

She has also been casted as Winona Kirk in the new Star Trek movie due to be released later in 2009. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Morrison has been selected as a Featured Babe on Running Wolf’s Rant.

Jennifer-Morrison-1177122-690x480 Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer-Morrison-14-640x480 Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer-Morrison-8-640x480 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-33173 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-33115 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-22892 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-22759 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-22716 Jennifer Morrison

jennifer-morrison-1280x1024-22729 Jennifer Morrison

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