Win tickets to the Grind Radio Launch at Aandklas!


To celebrate 4 months of live shows on the Grind Radio, we are throwing an official launch party at Aandklas (in Hatfield) on Saturday the 12th of July 2014. The Grind Radio DJ’s will be on the decks from 3 PM and will be bringing you only the best in rock, indie, alternative and metal music and after that things are going to get crazy with awesome performances by Monkeys in Boots, Coelacanth (Andre Kriel from The Black Cat Bones, Gareth Wilson from Southern Gypsy Queen and Jaco Mans) and the Fake Leather Blues Band (a band that originated from the jam-nights at the Nile Crocodile). R30 bucks get you in. Click here to get more info about the event.

The-Grind-Radio-Launch-600x852 Win tickets to the Grind Radio Launch at Aandklas!

The Grind Radio has been around since August 2013. What started out as “just another internet radio station streaming good music” has morphed into a truly unique concept (for South Africa). Since April 2014 The Grind Radio has been broadcasting live and has been featuring some of Pretoria’s amazing music loving individuals.

Being part of The Grind Radio is an awesome experience. Each DJ brings their own flavour to The Grind. There’s Joss (with her blend of Goth rock), Jade (with her selection of amazing Indie tracks), boss man Jarryd (station manager and the bringer of good vibes), Leanne (who really likes her metal and alternative), Juan (someone who likes even louder metal), Divan, Iva, Conrad the legend (with his interesting arrange of tunes), Mike, Ryan, Kobus (my partner in crime on the Drop like it Rocks show), Baas (the glue that keeps us sane), Crazy Jay (someone who really likes his racoons and spider-monkeys), Lisa-Marie (who is a lot more old school than your average 21 year old Pretorian), Nikita and Nico (who has a special love for punk music). We may seem like a band of gypsies, but most of us don’t have tendencies to put a curse on your or bite your head off. In fact, we are some of the nicest people you’ll meet in Snor City.

Great news is that you have a chance to join us for this amazing celebration of great music. Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away two tickets to the launch party and all you need to enter this competition is a Twitter account. If you have one, CLICK HERE to enter NOW! The competition closes on Thursday the 10th of July at 10 AM and the winners will be notified via Twitter.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Competition category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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