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I'm an aspiring marketing writer at Edugeeksclub.com and ResumesPlanet.com. I started out as a business college graduate and ended up working for impressive companies in Europe. I thrive on sharing quality information for both businesses and single professionals who wish to take their marketing game to the next level.

11 Habits You Need to Stop to Become Happier

Want to become happier? There are certain habits that you need to stop before you can do so. We explore 11 of them in...

7 Steps To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Struggling to get out of your comfort zone? This article provides you with 7 steps to achieve this goal. It's a fact that human beings...

9 of the Best Movies That Will Make You Want To...

Have you ever watched movies that will make you want to write a book? Do you even think about writing a book at all? Well,...

20 Frugal Living Tips to Try This Year

Frugal living does not mean cheap living. It simply means adopting a lifestyle where you avoid wasting money or resources, so that you can...

10 Effective Strategies to Improve Customer Loyalty

According to statistics, trying to get a new customer will cost you roughly five times more than trying to keep an existing customer close...

10 Reasons Why Some People Spend More Money Than They ...

Have you ever looked at your monthly bills and thought, “only if I hadn’t spent so much this month!” Six in ten Americans admit...

How to Find “Your” Style in Photo Blogging

When it comes to Photo Blogging, the process of reaching individually shaped consistency in aesthetic and subject, and finding a personal style that will...

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