My recipe for a quick braai for under R200 for 4 people


Over the weekend BraaiBoy presented South African bloggers with a challenge: “Braai for 4 people for under R200 and blog about”. So, tonight I decided to take him up on the offer.

I made my way to Spar and purchased my ingredients for the braai: 2 standard Spar braaipacks (each consisting of a worsie, lamb chop and a tenderised steak), 4 pork silverside steaks, a bacon and cheese loaf and bacon potato salad (because you can never have enough bacon).

This only set me back R181. Here’s proof of that:

When the fire was ready, it didn’t take too long to tan the meat on the braai grill. It was done before someone could say “spice”. I’m a bachelor and I don’t believe in taking hours to prepare a meal, so the pre-made bacon patato salad came in really handy. The bacon and cheese loaf was also perfect to deliver a “well balanced meal”.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun braai-ing the meat and everyone’s tummies were full. This might not be the healthiest and fanciest braai recipe, but it was totally affordable, it was a quick braai and it worked.

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