PatchPets: A Free Social Media App for Every Dog Lover

Many dog owners make the decision to get their pet in the first place because they want company. However, what many owners do not realise is that the new social possibilities offered are not limited to interactions with your pet alone. In fact, pet ownership can be extremely social, allowing you to meet new friends and arrange playdates.

It is this social aspect of pet ownership that has inspired the creation of PatchPets, a free dog social media app. The app itself is available for iOS and Android, and is similar to many other social networking platforms out there. Of course, the key difference is that users create a profile for their dog, building an online pet community.

A Social Pet Network

Ultimately, the goal behind the PatchPets platform is to connect dog owners with other like-minded people, resulting in the creation of an extensive social media pet network, where everyone has a clear bond.


New users can sign up for the PatchPets app for free and the registration process is quick and easy. Anyone with a Facebook account can sign up by connecting their account to PatchPets. Once you have registered, you are tasked with creating a profile for your pet, where you can add photos, breed information, your dog’s age and your location.

This then provides you with the opportunity to show off your dog, connect with other dog parents around the world, and interact with their content. These connections can then be as superficial or as meaningful as you like, meaning you can use the app to look at other dogs and chat to dog owners, or you can go a step further.

Meet Dog Owners in Your Area

One of the best things about the PatchPets network is the ability to find other dog owners that are living in your area. On your dog’s profile, you can even choose to include a “favourite park”, which then allows other owners in your part of the world to easily find you and strike up a conversation.

Dog Owner

The built-in communication tools include a private messaging service, meaning you can easily send messages back and forth. This can then lead to making new friends and arranging play dates for your pets. Additionally, the various communication tools can be utilised to both find and offer advice on dog food, dog behaviour, dog activities, and more.

Of course, one of the big advantages of a dog social media app is that every user on the platform has a common interest and will have shared experiences as pet owners, giving you the ideal ice breaker.

Share and View Media Files

Many dog owners enjoy taking photographs and videos of their dog and sharing them with people. Through the use of a dog app like PatchPets, owners have the ideal platform to upload these files and share them with the wider world. The platform supports image files, video files and audio content, giving you a range of options to choose from.


As with many other social media platforms, PatchPets includes a ‘like’ function. This allowing users to show approval for content posted by others. The app also includes a search function, making it easier to find dog-related content.

Content can be easily discussed with the other users on the platform. The search function also makes it quick and easy to find new parks and other locations where you can take your dog.

The Last Word

PatchPets is a free social media app, aiming to appeal to every dog lover. The platform allows you to create a profile for your pet. You can also upload images and videos, find dog owners in your area and arrange play dates.

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