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With a zealous passion, Thundermerwe takes to the stage like a Tsunami, sending walls of auditory magnificence crashing through the audience waiting in anticipation in the mosh-pit below. Creating a solid musical experience with no language or genre barriers so that anyone can immerse themselves in it. The band encourages listeners to find their own truth and meaning though all of life’s obstacles.

Thundermerwe’s members have had the opportunity to share massive stages with well-known international acts like Underoath, Becoming the Archetype and Haste the Day and frequently being invited to play alongside local headline acts like The Narrow, Van Coke Cartel, Straatligkinders and Bittereinder (to name a few).


In 2013, ThunderMerwe was named band of the year by top live music venue Rumours Lounge. In the same year they also won the Emerging Sounds finals beating out hundreds of bands to walk away with the 2013 title, that in previous years has served as a springboard for the careers of renowned acts like: Seether (Saron Gas), the Parlotones, Prime Circle, Freshlyground and Taxi Violence.

Being well versed in social issues, evident in not only their songs and lyrics, but also their charitable endeavours means that Thundermerwe shows have a strong affiliation to reaching out and helping those in need. Food and clothing brought by their loyal fans are then distributed amongst charity organizations.

Their unique style of Electro Bounce Rock and Acoustic sets resonates magnificently with fans and fellow muso’s alike. The latter translating into successful collaborations with the likes of “Bittereinder” and up-and-coming electro producer C4IN. Just like Bittereinder, Thundermerwe will make you bounce.

Recently the band released a brand new video for a new single called “South I Freak On”.  It was shot on location in and around Joburg. The track is an uplifting ode to our beautiful country and its people!  The band had this to say: “Thundermerwe has always been and always will be passionate about South Africa and everything that being a South African encompasses.

South I Freak On is a song about unity, rising above the divisive mind-set of racism and racial separation, at the same time holding dear the age old South African tradition of braai-ing. Check out the video below:

I recently had a chat to the band. This is what they had to say:

Where does the name Thundermerwe come from?

In 2011 Whill went to visit his Uncle on a farm in Rustenburg, after a long hike away from the farm house he had to take a break because of heat exhaustion. He sat down on a rock towards  the gravel road and when he  looked up he saw a figure in the road which  looked alien like. Whill very scared asked who are you and what do you want when instantly the Being replied. You will go out into South African and lift the spirits of your nation as there are dark days ahead.

You will do this with the help of musicians the music has to be fresh and  origional. You will not just focus on music but you and the band must have a passion to feed and cloth the poor. Whill says the noise just got louder as the being said “GET STARTED WITH THIS MISSION TODAY!” The being then moved away into the atmosphere when Whill shouted “WHAT IS THE BANDS NAME?” All of a sudden you could hear a pin drop followed by the being saying in  a loud electronic type voice saying “THUNDERMERWE

If someone asked you to describe the music that you’re making, what would you tell them?

Our type of music is fun with a twist its what you get when you throw Rap Rock and Electro into a blender – it tastes Bouncy

You released a music video for South I Freak On in late October, what will remember in the years to come when you think back about making this music video?

From our time in studio where the song really came together to shooting the music video was absolute highlights and this song will play at braai’s for years to come.

What are you currently working on?

We are working on some fresh tunes for the new year hoping to release a new single and music video by the end of March 2017.

I’d like to thank Thundermerwe for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors.

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