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RIP Phil Wright


South African rock and metal fans received some sad news this morning: Rock Radio legend Phil Wright has passed away. Reports coming through online have stated that he died of natural causes in his home.

Remember the 1990’s? Remember a show called “The Dinosaur Days” on Sunday nights on 5 FM (then known as Radio 5)? Remember Phil Wright? Well, if you’re my age you probably do.

Phil Wright is one of the reasons why I love Rock music so much. He used to play some really interesting tracks on his show on Sunday nights on Radio 5. I can’t remember how many times I finished my home work whilst listening to him.

Phil Wright was best known for his ground-breaking work on radio. He started out as a sound engineer for Radio RSA. He moved up the ranks and became a presenter and producer for Capitol Radio. Later on he became a presenter on Radio 5 and later 5FM where he hosted several shows.

He worked alongside DJs like Alex Jay, Ian F, Derek Richardson and Barney Simon (who gave him the famed nickname “Metalhead”). When 5FM changed their broadcast strategy, Phil Wright started working at the Transvaal Snake Park.

South Africa has lost a true Rock Radio Legend. RIP Phil Wright. You will be missed.

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  1. I have been calling for ages and it never even occured to me that
    Phillip was no longer with us. He rocked and I am proud to call him a friend.
    So he now gets to see not only the crescent but the whole of the moon.
    You will be missed.

  2. Phil Wright tough me the appreciation of music, because of him I am a collector of everything from rock to jazz to strange music that only makes sense when is dark and quiet. You are being missed.


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