Photo Album: Southern Gypsy Queen, Dance Your on Fire and Asleep in Transit Live


So when Fokof finished playing I dashed out of Presleys I made it to Arcade Empire just in time to see Asleep in Transit. They completely restored my faith in the Durban music scene with their quirky Indie vibes. If you didn’t get your hands on their EP last night make sure to go download it for free on Soundcloud.

Dane Your on Fire must be one of the most underrated bands at the moment. These 5 guys might not be the biggest spectacle performance wise but the sheer awesomeness of their music makes up for everything.

Southern Gypsy Queen also celebrated their 10th year in the industry and there is no doubt why they have been able to last so long. It’s always amazing to see the variety in their set and frontman Gareth Wilson oozes energy from beginning to end.

Check out these photos that I took at the event below:

Watch this space for updates in the Photography category onĀ Running Wolf’s Rant.



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