Matthew Gold Releases New Single: “Precious Time”

Matthew Gold has released a brand new single entitled “Precious Time”. The single is the second offering from his new album ‘Breakfast, Lunch & Deep House’, which is set for release in the near future. Fans got their first introduction into the new album with the #1 hit ‘Burn’, released in March 2020.

More info about Matthew Gold’s Upcoming Album

Matthew decided on a variety feast of music for his new album, with the aim of organically creating new music for people to enjoy at different times for different reasons. Hence dividing the album into three categories: ‘Breakfast, Lunch & Deep House’.

‘Breakfast’ features a lot of acoustic guitar combined with Jazz inspired songs. With ‘Lunch’, he approached the recording process completely differently; with his band he wrote and performed the songs for months before going into studio.

Matthew Gold - Precious Time

Sharing his life experiences with friends whilst making music of the stories is also the part of the new album which inspired him to go back to writing and performing again. For the ‘Deep House’ part of the project, Matthew teamed up with producer Marc Ronin. No newcomer when it comes to the electronic dance space, Matthew decided it was only fair to give the people what they want with the third and final part of his new album.

More info about “Precious Time”

“Precious Time”, an offering from the ‘Lunch’ part of the new album, was written in 2018 by Matthew Gold after being inspired by an alive and energetic beat from his drummer which resulted in a moment of pure free styling.

According to him “We can all relate to the statement of ‘wasting precious time’ in one way or another. I reflected on my ‘crazy years’ and the spirit of those times come out in the song.” 

“Precious Time” is the first time Gold wrote, composed and recorded with a band whilst incorporating many different musicians, writers and engineers. The song was created with live instruments allowing an organic sound from the start.

He describes this process as a completely different experience; one where you need to be openminded and allow the song to almost create itself. Performing the song live before recording, also had an impact on the development of the sound.

“Precious Time has an energy of its own and leads you to move. It features my signature falsetto and vocal energy, and I know people will relate to it because all humans are nostalgic in some way and we all have something or maybe one thing we deeply regret.”

You can buy / stream “Precious Time” HERE.

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