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The Year that was 2011


So, 2011 has officially seen it’s arse. This last year has really flown by faster than a speeding bullet. In my previous year-end post  (which was posted in December 2010) I expressed a lot of enthusiasm for 2011. I had a feeling in my gut that it would be an awesome year, but I did not know how awesome it would be. I had some major surprises, more ups than downs and plenty of good times in 2011. I’ve also experienced plenty of love and heartbreak (2 topics I hardly ever blog about) – but I have no complaints, because I’ve come to learn that’s part of life  – one can’t have one’s bread buttered on both sides all the time. On the other hand, so many good things happened in 2011, it would be impossible for me to mention them all in one post – I have decided to focus on a few things in this post for this reason.

To me 2011 was another year packed with the best of SA Music. I’d like to give a shout-out to all the folks in the country that have contributed to making 2011 one of the best years in SA Music history (organizers, fans and artists alike). In 2011 I made my way to no less than 6 music festivals (Where BLUES Meets ROCK, RAMFest Cape Town and Johannesburg, Oppikoppi, FORR and Mieliepop) and tons of shows at Arcade Empire, Tings ‘n Times, Mokha Rock Lounge and Hatfield Square (including both editions of Vredefest 2011). I watched Van Coke Kartel perform no less than 10 times this year (just to give you an idea). Besides this I also watched Tidal Waves, aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Tuindwergies, Zebra and Giraffe, Mr Cat and the Jackal, Ashtray Electric, Isochronous, Wrestlerish and various other bands a record amount of times throughout the course of 2011. 2011 also saw the launch of my SA Music blog SA Music Zone. I also saw a record amount of international acts this year. In February I saw Rammstein (from Germany), in March Funeral for a Friend (from the UK) and Alkaline Trio (from the United States) at RAMFest, in August Sum 41 (from Canada) and the Used (from the United States) at Oppikoppi, in October Kings of Leon (from the USA) at FNB Stadium in Jozi and in December KONGOS (a band with South African roots now based in Arizona in the United States). It has been one hell of a ride for your’s truly in 2011. I want to kick myself for missing U2 and Coldplay though (just between you and me).  I’m already looking forward to watching Inflames (from Sweden) and Infected Mushroom (from Israel) in March 2012. Special thanks to Ice Carstens, Liny Kruger, Louise Crouse, Chris & Robert (from Arcade Empire), Rudi and Johan (from Crow Republic), Tess Manders (and all the people at Hilltop Live), Gabriella Brondani and Henk, Willie & Neil (from Park Acoustics) for making 2011 a year full of opportunities for me. A huge thanks to everyone involved in SA Music Zone as well (people like Louisa Steyl, Lana Oosthuizen, Genevieve  Viera, Christo De Beer, etc).  2011 would not have been an awesome year without you.

I met so many people and made so many new friends in 2011 – I feel totally blessed. A big thank you to Twitter for enabling me to connect with some astonishing folks. During the course of the year I’ve met awesome folks like @texxonfire, @rudi_cronje, @DapperTrapper, @garethwilsonSA, @A_M_G_P, @reenboogperd, @msbunnypants, @TanzVW, @Natasjamcpherso, @nadiajutte, @Elismha, @sinistermoon, @Liesldb, @chrismaider, @TyronLSA, @WhisperdScream, @blommekind16, @paulsq1, @LisaKuntze, @Monica_Manson, @Jodenecoza, @GigiGumdrop, @LizaSutherland, @GabiGoldberg, @SheBeeGee, @BlindCripple, @die_rebel, @exclusiv_sam, @JustinLeePhotos, @MinePotgieter, @lexamantis, @Dezy_D, @AquaticCharne, @NCJackal, @samanthaperry, @greg_nietsky, @Ninokie, @RickBosch, @liliradloff, @swhams, @TheMandibleClaw, @El_Presidente_, @WendyVerwey, @francoislct, @emokiddlyn, @FrancoisVanCoke, @elismaroets, @AntKaplan, @DamAmieBates, @JeanSwiegers, @wrestlerish, @ajaxrap, @prinsesgreta, @Twitnette, @snoop_c, @KandiceBuys, @TroubleSaysSo, @Dominique_Cat, @BiankaFerreira, @EdwinMoses84, @DJBarneySimon, @XavierLoubser, @Ronitae, @LinyKruger, @RickyDee72, @TrulyTrudie and countless others. Thanks to all of you for making 2011 the year it was. Without you it would have been dull and boring. A huge shoutout goes out to my fellow Pretoria musketeers @RuanHaha, @BaasDeBeer, @BraaiBoy, @gevaaalikdotcom, @ladyrockerSA, @missbronni, @JannieKotze, @ArmandStarsky, @MikeMetalBower, @RobForbesDJ, @Ryan_Brunyee, @Sarinatjie, @AlexCaige and the rest of Pretoria faithful for always being up for a great party and being good conversation (most of the time) in 2011. I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you in 2012.

In all 2011 was a truly awesome year (yes I know I might had said this before). I might have referred to 2010 as being a busy and fun-filled year, but compared to 2010, 2011 was definitely 2010 on steroids. I went to less rugby matches in 2011, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still a Bulls supporter. I added 2 new pet-peeves to my list this past year: Rebecca Black and Glee (and if you were wondering: Twilight, Justin Bieber and Julius Malema is still on that list). In 2011 someone snapped a photo of me at Arcade Empire – a photo that will be my official Facebook and Twitter profile pic until its topped by a different one (show on the top right of this post) – a truly epic shot (thanks Stefan). I was sad about the South African performances in the Rugby and Cricket World Cup, but I was happy about plenty of other things (especially about the appreciation for my artist photography, blogging and social media skills).

Things can only get better from here. I’m full of optimism for 2012, even more than I had for 2011. Let’s hope the world does not end on the 21st of December 2012 (if you ask me the Mayans were probably wrong).

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