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The Amblers release debut EP


The Amblers are a folksy, blues rock duo emerging through the vibrant and diverse music industry in South Africa. Residing in the musically driven city of Johannesburg, the two have a broad range of both local and international musical influences from Southern Gypsy Queen and The Black Cat Bones, to The Rolling Stones and Jack White. Their approach to music is raw but not unpolished, lending an authentic energy to huge drums and dirty, vintage guitar tones.

Acclaimed drummer Jason Hinch provides an accomplished and powerful framework for Justin Swart to deliver his racontuerish ideas of music and lyrics to the listener. The duo have recently released their first body of work together, a collection of hard hitting songs titled “The Dustling Man” and are currently in studio working on a new album.

Crank up the EP below. I have to admit that this blew me away from the moment I clicked play:

If you like what you hear, get the EP on iTunes. I really hope these boytjies play a gig in Pretoria soon, I’m dying for some rock ‘n roll.

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