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Caution Boy Release “Vice Versa”


Pretoria based band Caution Boy has released a brand new full-length album, “Vice Versa”. It’s available on CD, Spotify and all the other popular digital platforms.

“Vice Versa” follows 2018’s collaborative album “Spastic Plastic”, and marks the 9th full-length album in Caution Boy’s discography.
The album was written, recorded and produced by Andi Cappo in his apartment in Kilner Park, Pretoria and is published by Johannesburg based Burning Groove.

Caution Boy
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When asked to describe “Vice Versa” Andi had this to say:

“Fascinated by the disturbed, absurd, complex & twisted workings of the human mind, Caution Boy’s 9th album is about the need to obtain balance in life (& death), accepting, understanding, even
perhaps enjoying the bad in the good & the good in the bad.
The physical and supernatural. Life & death. Yin & Yang.
Like a virus through a weakened host, Vice Versa spreads a thick layer of harsh realities and hair raising myths on a wave of distorted guitars, crunchy bass lines and hard pounding drums, hyped by the aggressive, tense, yet soothing screams of a madman’s ghost.”

Caution Boy will be playing at the following venues to support of the release:

July 12 – Rumours Lounge, Johannesburg
August 2 – Railways Cafe, Centurion

Further dates around South Africa will be announced via the band’s social media in the near future.

No familiar with Caution Boy? Check out the music video for “Silver Line” the first single off the album:

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