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Year of the Cobra: American Doom Metal on steroids


The fact that Year of the Cobra lists whiskey, beer and Black Sabbath as their influences is awesome in my books. The duo hail from Seattle, Washington in the USA and have been making waves in the rock scene over the last few years.

This doom metal duo have proven that you don’t need a big band to produce massive and infectious heaviness. Recalling power-duo’s like Jucifer, Amy’s vocals and “Rig of Doom” are doubly impressive as she wrings power chords and melodies from a 4-string Rickenbacker, all backed by Jon’s appropriately huge and cavernous drumming.

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Since their inception in 2015, Year Of The Cobra has garnered a lot of attention. After being discovered by famed Pacific Northwest blog site Doomed and Stoned in early 2015, they started to amass a solid following. The early rough mixes they released eventually became their debut EP, The Black Sun (2015).

2016 saw extensive touring and the Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins, High on Fire
etc.) produced debut full length album, In The Shadows Below, released by STB Records. After their latest EP, Burn Your Dead (2017), released by Magnetic Eye Records, Year of the Cobra hit the road hard with appearances at Hell Over Hammaburg (in Germany), Upstream Festival and Psycho Las Vegas.

With excitement at full steam, the duo has kept the ball rolling in 2018 with a full European tour and two full US tours highlighted by appearances at Freak Valley Festival (in Germany), Stoned Meadow of Doom (In the USA) and Prophecy Festival (also in the USA). Their highly anticipated second full length is slated for release on Prophecy Productions in 2019.

If you’re not familiar with their sound, check out the music for their song “Burn Your Dead” below and crank it up:

It’s sad that acts like these usually fly under the radar in the age that we’re living in now, but thanks to services like Spotify rock fans like you and me are able to discover rock / alternative / other heavy music that we like.

Find out more about them at these links:

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