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Brian Kroll favours SA with exclusive launch of new song and music video


Brian Kroll has decided to exclusively launch a tune in South Africa. It’s not often that an international artist favours our country to do so. The song is titled “Every Day Is Halloween (In My World)”. It has been made available for download for free on Soundcloud.

Who is Brian Kroll?

Brian Kroll is a musician, songwriter and producer from Long Island, NY, USA. Born in Kew Gardens, just down the road from Forest Hills that spawned the Ramones, Brian was raised in Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island to the sound of turntables, tape decks, loud concerts and the incessant prattle of psychoanalysts. 

Brian Kroll
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He’s recorded with musician friends and has been widely broadcasted over radio in New York City, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and the Netherlands. Brian says his songs make their way from his turntable and mind, filtering through layers of personal experiences that are jotted down in notebooks and stored on idea tapes, finally spilling from his guitar in the recording studio to take on a life of its own.

More info about “Every Day Is Halloween (In My World)” 

It’s a dark, brooding track. The track combines all the epic elements of 90s grunge and Misfits-inspired horror punk. This cause it to arrive at a doomsday anthem. It has prominent bass, solid drums and chunky guitars, pierced by fresh vocals.

“Every Day Is Halloween (In My World)” is unrelenting and fast-paced. It draws the listener into the shadows to get up close and personal with those emotions we tend to lock away in this era of airbrushed perfection. It’s raw, but entertaining – dread and despair dressed up in its Sunday best. Not convinced by this assessment? View the lyrics here.

According to Brian, the idea for the song grew out of a grey, no-good day. This got him to thinking that celebrating Halloween is a bit of a joke when every day feels like the day of the dead.

“I had the music ready to go – I was working on creating a Ramones-inspired doom sound, so when I went in for my weekly song-writing session with Mike Wuerth (who laid down vocals and bass on the track, and produced it), I just gave into the greyness and went for it.”

“I closed my eyes, opened my mind and went with whatever came into my head – lyrics, sentence fragments, free associations around old ideas. The song came together from that organic flow.”

Check out the music video for the song below:

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