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Pedro Barbosa releases New EP: “Journey To Reborn”


Today sees the official release of Pedro Barbosa’s brand new EP, “Journey To Reborn”. He also released the first single from the EP today, entitled ’25 To Life’.

’25 To Life’ is Pedro’s first single release since ‘Crazy Love Is’ earned him the #1 spot for “Sing Your Heart Out / Love Songs” category and #2 spot for in the “Adult Contemporary” category at the International Songwriting Competition. The song was also nominated at the International Portuguese Music Awards in the “Best Music Video” category.

Pedro Barbosa
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’25 To Life” is inspired by separation and written from two perspectives of a relationship. It’s about the idea of being committed to someone, but something went wrong and now you don’t know what you want anymore. The relationship collapses, but you still feel for the person although you know things won’t work out.

The single was the first song recorded for the EP in April 2019. It was produced by Mark Beling. Pedro describes the recording of the song as more experimental and adventurous (when it comes to the arrangement of the song).

Check out the lyric video for ’25 To Life’ Below:

More info about “Journey To Reborn”

The new EP started over 10 years ago for Pedro. Most of the songs on “Journey To Reborn” were written a long time ago. They were never released though.

Most of the songs have a special place in his heart, so he decided to bring them to live in Mark Beling’s studio. “Journey to Reborn” represents 10 years of his life prior to his debut album, “Reborn” (which was released in 2018).

Pedro Barbosa in Aandklas
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Pedro comments on recording of “Journey To Reborn”

“Making “Journey To Reborn” was like clearing the closet. I went back to songs that I never released and decided well, I love these tracks, let me see if they fit into an album or EP. I called it “Journey To Reborn” as the tracks were written before the “Reborn” album, except for two of them.”

I’ve listed to “Journey To Reborn” and I have to say that new EP still features elements of Barbosa’s debut release. It’s combined with a newfound maturity in vocals and lyrics and honesty in the delivery of the songs.

Pedro comments on the new EP

“I had to touch up the lyrics on this EP, as they were written long ago and in one case re-write, all the lyrics as only the hook worked. I also collaborated with Albert Meintjes on one song, which I don’t normally do. Just to get a different feel and input sometimes adds a new direction to the songs.”

“Fans can expect a journey of emotions. I really hope they enjoy it as I have given a lot of me to it: It’s a sincere album, and quite an emotional offering from me.”

You can buy or stream “Journey To Reborn” on Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify.

Pedro Barbosa Journey To Reborn Launch
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Pedro Barbosa will be launching the EP tomorrow (the 9th of October 2019) at The Atterbury Theatre in 012. Get your tickets HERE!

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