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Xander Ferreira releases new single


South African visual artist and musician, Xander Ferreira, formerly known as Gazelle is known especially for his popular fusion of contemporary electronic sounds and traditional African music. Celebrated for his flamboyant stage persona and enigmatic performances, he took to the stage in 17 countries around the globe.

After Gazelle’s success, Xander moved to New York where he embarked on a journey to create, what he calls, “A reverse version of Paul Simon’s Graceland”, in turn fusing African sounds with a variety of American musical styles.

A while ago Xander released his debut EP with three new recordings. The songs speak of the painful introspection that is sometimes necessary in the struggle to find a sense of place. Being an immigrant in the United States as a 10th generation African born Caucasian of mixed heritage, Xander’s dream is to build cultural bridges through his music amidst a divided United States and taking this spirit back home to South Africa and into the rest of world.

The first single ‘Silence Seen’ was released on the 18th of May through Bandcamp and his social media channels. The rest of the EP will be released throughout this month. Crank up “Silence Seen” below:

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