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Enjoy the soothing Acoustic sounds of the KONGOS


There is a lot that can make a green music addicted cow happy and one of those things is good music. I recently strolled onto my Soundcloud account while admiring the prefect view of the pool boy butt when I saw KONGOS uploaded acoustic versions of their songs.

In case you been living under a rock for the last few years, KONGOS are a rock band based in Arizona in the USA but they have South African roots. The band consists of the Kongos brothers: Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Daniel. They spent their childhoods in London in the UK and South Africa. They toured South Africa extensively in late 2011 and throughout 2012 and have gained a massive following in SA Music fan circles. They’ve played at venues all around our fair country, played at Oppikoppi festival and even opened for Linkin Park on their tour.

I love the KONGOS, after my owner told me about her stories of Avontoer and KONGOS I wanted to see them live. Their CD played so many times in our shed that the neighbors down the street know all the words to “I’m Only Joking”. Just have a listen to the acoustic version of “Sex Onthe Radio” below and you’ll hear just how awesome it is!

After playing the songs on repeat I came to the following conclusion:

  • Acoustically songs like “Escape”, “Hey I don’t know” and “Sex on the radio” never sounded so sexy
  • KONGOS are still the music family that should have lots of babies and give the world more music geniuses (I will start with Dylan Kongo)
  • On repeat these songs will still make you go on a road trip
  • I hope this inspires KONGOS to do some new songs
  • I hope as well it will inspire KONGOS to come visit South Africa again

You can listen to these songs on their Soundcloud account and download them from iTunes. But let me get back to that pool boy for now…

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