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Introducing Bombay Show Pig


At first glance of this post title you’re probably thinking that I’m talking about a pig from Bombay performing at a circus. Fortunately you’re wrong.  Bombay Show Pig is actually a band comprised of 2 musicians from The Hague and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

It seems that there’s more to the Netherlands than tulips (of the flower and fair maiden variety). The members of Bombay Show Pig are Mathias Janmaat (on vocals, guitar and samples) and Linda van Leeuwen (on vocals, drums, samples and keyboard). The band surprised many folks with there own view on indie music in the tradition of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Kills and Death From Above 1979.

After releasing their first EP entitled ‘Baby, It’s A Face’ (which was produced by Tjeerd Bomhof) they toured around the Netherlands, Belgium and the Balkans. Their first single ‘Curve Ball’ got picked up by Dutch radiostations 3FM and Kink FM.

In 2012 Bombay Show Pig underwent a change of direction by going from a trio to a duo. They took on the lead vocals themselves and wrote a set of completely new songs for their debut album. After the release of their debut album (which is entitled ‘Vulture / Provider’) on the 3rd of May they started touring again with a whole new live-set. They debuted the new set at Noorderslag 2012.

I find Bombay Show Pig’s musical style to be quite unique. I don’t think I’ve heard another band like them in recent times. You can definitely hear the White Stripes influence in their music though. Check out this video below featuring Bombay Show Pig performing their song ‘Shackles and Chains’ at 3FM in the Netherlands:

Well, what do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. The great news for music fans in South Africa is that Bombay Show Pig is actually touring the country at the moment. They’ve already played at Memphis Rock (in Potchefstroom), Town Hall (in Johannesburg) and Mystic Boer (in Bloemfontein) last week.

If you missed them, don’t worry, they’re playing at Cool Runnings on the 1st of August and at Tanz Cafe on the 3rd of August in Johannesburg. I’m not sure which Cool Runnings it is though. They’re also making an appearance on MK’s Studio 1 on the 3rd of August. On the 4th of August (this coming Saturday) they’re playing at Arcade Empire (along with Laurie Levine and The December Streets). And to top it all off they’re also making an appearance at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing this year!

You can check out the band’s official website at http://www.bombayshowpig.com/ or check out the Bombay Show Pig fan page on Facebook or follow them via @BombayShowPig on Twitter.

Be sure to catch Bombay Show Pig at the venue closest to your or at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing this year. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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