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Jean Zenan Releases Eclectic Debut Album


Great News! South African singer, songwriter, composer, pianist and producer Jean Zenan recently released his debut album A Perfect Sight. He is known for his electric live performances, catchy lyrics and his unique ability to fuse different genres of music such as Rock, Pop, and Jazz, into his own original sound and songs.

Jean Zenan started doing live performances in 2007 with a band formed with a couple of friends, but then later moved onto doing solo piano and vocal shows. After completing his music studies in 2013, he took some time out from performing and focused on sound design and scoring for various documentaries and short films. However, in 2014/15 he gathered some of his original music written and performed over the previous 15 years, and recorded his first full length album which he released in February 2018.

Future plans include the establishment of his own production company, Jean Zenan Productions and taking the stage once again with his new found Band, to perform and promote his new album, “A Perfect Sight”, after which he will get back into the studio to start working on the next Album and give life to the next group of songs already written.

“After almost two decades of writing and composing songs, I finally got myself to not just make demos, but to record my first full length album that I finished three and a half years later. Using only resources that I had at the time, as well as musician friends, the recording went from a music instrument shop , to the backing vocal recordings in a linen cupboard, a few home studios, a proper studio for guitars and lead vocals,  and finally all the way to London for mastering at Abbey Road studios. What an amazing journey it has been, and yet now, it’s only the beginning for me, and my music. I hope that the album “A Perfect Sight” will inspire people as much as it has inspired me, and will lay the foundation for all the music and songs yet to come.” Jean Zenan

A Perfect Sight is available now on all digital platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. You can also follow Jean on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

To get an idea of his sound, have a listen to the acoustic version of his song “Perfect Sight” below:

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