5 of the Best Board Games you can play on Sony PlayStation

Wondering which board games you can play on Sony PlayStation? It’s a fact that it’s not just about the big-budget, massive spectacle games on PlayStation, the likes of which we saw at the PS5 announcement.

Sometimes, players want to sit back and enjoy something a bit simpler, potentially alongside some friends or family. An online board game is perfect for this and thankfully, there are a whole host of titles available to play on PlayStation and Xbox One right now.

Here are the 5 of the best board games you can play on Sony PlayStation

1. Risk

Hasbro’s classic game of strategy, warfare, and diplomacy is a great way to spend a few hours. Compete against your fellow players to take over territories across the global board split into six continents. Raise armies to defend yourselves or take them on a march towards conquest. The PlayStation version is a little more trimmed down than its board equivalent. At the beginning of the game, territories are distributed at random and players must choose to reinforce a smaller base or find a group of land take over a region.

Risk Board Game on Sony Playstation

Risk is an enormously popular game that has been around since the 1950s. There have been dozens of versions of the game based on different regions and historical settings. Risk Europe and Risk 2210 AD were both hugely popular, as was the decision to move into sponsored or branded boards. Since 2002, Risk has put out games based on hugely popular franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones.

2. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is one of the most popular quiz games on the planet. Launched in Canada in the 1970s, the board game sees players compete to earn a series of six wedges for answering questions on each category. From there, they can enter the final round and aim to win the whole thing. The console version, Trivial Pursuit Live is a little different with interactive features that more closely resemble a game show.

Trivial Pursuit on Sony Playstation

The game is a global smash hit with over 100 million editions sold in 17 languages. There are dozens of add-ons to the original game but Trivial Pursuit moved into other aspects of popular culture. There were television shows on The Family Channel in the US and the BBC in the UK. There was even a Trivial Pursuit Arcade Game launched by Bally Sente.

3. Monopoly

It’s over 115 years old and there aren’t many better-known board games than Monopoly. Loved and loathed in equal measure, the game has been a global success. It even had a hand in helping many Allied prisoners of war escape in World War II. There are over 1100 editions of the game that sees players race to purchase properties, build hotels, and eventually take over the entire board. Monopoly Plus is available on Xbox One and PlayStation alike and sees players compete online, either using the traditional board or a 3-dimensional board. Rule variations are also possible on the game.


Few board games have had a bigger effect on popular culture. There have been television game shows, numerous films in the development stage, and the widely popular partnership with McDonald’s. But Monopoly the game has spilt out into so many other mediums. EA released a mobile app and there is even a live casino version available at certain online operators. Monopoly continues to entertain 115 years on.

4. Chess

But of course, there aren’t many better-known board games than chess. The quintessential tabletop game has been around since the sixth century with its roots in India. It spread around the world and has racked up several rule changes to become the game we see today. Now, the game has a cult following with one of the most competitive world championships of any sport.

Pure Chess on Sony PS4

Console players can enjoy Pure Chess, the game developed by Ripstone Ltd. Players can compete against others online or against the computer but there is so much more to it. Pure Chess features in-depth tutorials for novices and masters alike with a whole host of different game boards and setups. You may not need a new Xbox Series X to play the standard game but it would run pretty smooth.

5. Jackbox Party Pack

It’s not exactly a board game but Jackbox Party Pack certainly deserves a mention. This interactive multiplayer game features numerous minigames and add-on expansion packs. The games range from quip battles to drawing games and just about everything in between. Players can take Jackbox online with some games welcoming a dozen players and endless spectators.

ackbox Party Pack PS4

The game has its origins in the 1990s in Chicago but this current variation – the Jackbox Party Pack is a relative newcomer. Jackbox is only possible thanks to the spread of mobile gaming and has become a smash hit because of it. An expansion pack with five new minigames has been released every year for the past seven years and the popularity of Jackbox is showing no signs of slowing down. It is playable on most modern consoles as well as on Apple TV, PC, and mobile.

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