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Action Thrillers – Raboobie (Video)


I’ve seen this band live a few times and they’re one of the most promising acts in the SA Music scene at the moment. These blokes hail from the city I live in, Pretoria, South Africa. The band had a humble beginning in the capital city on a random morning. Humble beginnings quickly turned into performances in front of crowds of thousands. After a busy start, the band took a year off to refine a unique sound and write an album, and had to struggle with influences from artists like Queen, Korn, Elvis, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead to achieve this.

The upcoming album, according to the band, will be like a Quinton Tarantino film shot in space and will mix raw waste land dessert guitar and synth beats. The members of the the Action Thrillers are Hendrik Marx (on vocals), Craig the Mouse Mcallum (on guitar), Chris Carl (on bass) and Cristo the Rock and Robber (on drums). I saw these okes at Vredefest in Hatfield Square last year and I was completely amazed by their stage presence and the passion that they perform with.

The Action Thrillers recently released their first single recently. It’s called “Raboobie” (which for those of you who are not my age is “Spiderman” in Xhosa). There used to be a Xhosa version of Spiderman on TV2 or TV3 when I was growing up. The new single kicks ass if you ask me. Check out the video below (footage was shot at Vredefest in Johannesburg and Pretoria last year).

What do you think of this song and video? Drop me a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. The Action Thrillers (who are managed by Crow Entertainment) made it to number 1 on the 5FM Power Nites of Rock Chart on the Jon Savage Show on the 3rd of May2012 with this song. It has been receiving extended airplay on the station and has reached number 38 on the 5FM Top 40. Impressive for a band that had humble beginnings in the capital city if you ask me. The vigilante version of the song can be downloaded for FREE here.

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