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Interesting Tweople: Baas De Beer


I started meeting people from the micro-blogging service Twitter in August 2010 at Oppikoppi. Since then I’ve met about 50 people. Having partied and run a few events with @BaasDeBeer (Christo De Beer) I can truly call him one of the best chaps that I’ve met via Twitter. @BaasDeBeer loves life.

That, according to him, is all you really need to know. However, you might be interested to hear that that he lives in Pretoria, and has been doing so for the last year and a half. Having lived in Joburg, Somerset West and Ermelo, he has experienced the bad, the good and the ugly of this country. Now, he is experiencing the fun. He’s a proud Blue Bulls supporter, but not a jock. Fearless to go where no man admits to go, he can be seen at a theatre watching musicals, ballet or even the occasional opera. For most of his free time, however, odds are you will find him at home with a braai, or at a place like Aandklas (in Hatfield), where they still play real music. He recently started his own blog at http://baasdebeer.wordpress.com, check it out. You can follow him on Twitter via @BaasDeBeer. He’s been selected for today’s Interesting Tweople section on Running Wolf’s Rant.

I recently had the privilege of interview @BaasDeBeer, this is what he had to say:

What exactly do you do for a living and would you do anything else if you could? I run an events, music & entertainment company called Up A Tone with my good friend JP van Schalkwyk (@JP_vS) Basically, we provide anything related to entertainment, either to events companies/venues, or to the public. Stages, sound, lighting, musicians and bands, dancers or photographers…anything from a birthday party to a music festival (yeah, I love the diversity). Aside from booking out entertainers, I DJ and MC a lot myself. I love the stage, so it keeps me sane. If I were to do anything else, I would probably still want to do what I do, just with no admin. I hate admin. Or, mind you, I could be a rockstar too, that would work for me 🙂

Are you a Twitter addict? If I say yes, will I have to go to meetings? I wouldn’t say I’m (just) a Twitter addict, more like a slave to social media. If it can connect me to other people, I like it. So yes, Twitter is a major part of my life.

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced on Twitter? Most recently, I tweeted @Vodacom to bitch a bit. Here’s how it went: Me: Dear @Vodacom : I have twitter, i don’t need your silly news mms every morning. How many times do i have to send STOP to 30699?? @Vodacom: @baasdebeer Hi Baas, please can you DM your number to us so we can check why you have not been removed to which @Mynhardt replied (in reference to them calling me “Baas”: @BaasDeBeer dude, thats so 1987. I laughed out loud (Ok, I found that funny) Furthermore, I love these #Hashtag trends, like the one @Sarinatjie (the Tuks FM DJ) recently inspired: #RugbyMeetsRock, and others like #BraaiLyrics and #AfrikaansBandnames

Who are your favorite people on Twitter? Damn, there are so many and each for their own reason. Some I talk to regularly, others helped me get into Twitter, other because they are useful and other simply because Twitter would be empty without them. Here are a few: @TuksFM1072 @hennokruger @BraaiBoy @Sarinatjie @TrevorGumbi @BarryTuck @TweetSmarter @ChristiaanKrit. Ok, I will stop now, but trust me, there are many more… (which, coming back to my answer about my Twitter addiction, might probably affirm that I am more addicted than I admit)

Would you say that Social Media has impacted your life? And How? Oh yes. On a business side of things, it has given me so many opportunities. On another, more important side, I have met so many great friends through Twitter and Facebook, that I can honestly say my life would not be the same without it. I like to know. Not anything in particular, i just Like to know and social media enables me to know

If there were three aspects regarding social media that you want people to know, what would it be? No one cares, Let them care (Your tweets can either be selfish, boring and stupid, or it could engage your audience. Your choice) It’s called an inbox / DM! (I hate it when people have really private, or personal business related discussions on FB walls or publicly on Twitter). Think before you click (spam is worse than AIDS. And no, trust me, you will not see Osama licking Obama if you click on that link).

Check out Up a Tone Entertainment’s Official Website at http://www.upatone.co.za/. Recently this company was involved in the Boobs, Beer and BraaiBoy event and The Dudes of Hazards Live event at Aandklas in Pretoria.

We wish @BaasDeBeer all the best with his future ventures. Yesterday Running Wolf’s Rant featured an interview with @BraaiBoy in the Interesting Tweople section, check it out (if you have not already). Watch this space for regular updates in the Technology category of this blog.


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