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Introducing Two Minute Puzzle


As I write this piece about a band that completely changed my outlook on SA music I had to pour a glass of sensuous merlot and put their EP album on surround sound throughout my house in the hopes of capturing their true essence. Now, you might think I’m over-exaggerating here, but I kid you not, these guys will awaken something within!

The group I’m referring to is the one and only Two Minute Puzzle. I only came across their refreshing tunes a couple of months ago via @texxonfire who suggested them to one of her mates via Twitter. So Tecla, even though you unknowingly introduced me to Two Minute Puzzle, I am forever in your debt! You can find their EP on Soundcloud if you click here. I suggest you download it before you use up your monthly bandwidth limit as I did in the beginning, geek-fail much?

Two Minute Puzzle is the brainchild and studio project of two exceptional artists, Patrick McCay and Andrew Winer. In recent months they have taken the stage in and around Cape Town accompanied by their ever so talented drummer Jean Labuschagne of Stepdog. They have also performed and collaborated with some of South Africa’s most infamous and admired musical legends; Gazelle, Jeremy Loops and Inge Beckman. The Two Minute Puzzle folksy-electronic-acoustic vibes have often reminded me of the likes of The Raconteurs, which coming from me is the biggest compliment I’ve ever bestowed upon a local band.

Below is the debut music video of one of their most striking tracks, River.

These guys have a seriously soothing vibe as well as a comical essence that is perfectly displayed in their track ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’.

Now most of us Snor City folk up here in Gauteng haven’t yet had the pleasure of attending a live gig by these guys, but believe me when I say we’re doing what we can to get them here. So don’t miss out and keep your eyes on SA Music Zone for upcoming Two Minute Puzzle news and events.

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