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Love sucks: Let it in, let it rule – it makes the world go round


“Wie sal vir my liefde maak?” is that famous line from Fokofpolisiekar’s “Skyn Heilig”, but let’s face it, if you are single or dating an emotionless buffalo during Valentine’s Day, you are going to think the day sucks. Since I’m a cow and don’t give two twits about stuff like this (because cow logic is very simple), I’m being considerate because I’m sure there are you lonely souls out there.

I can sit here tell how much it sucks to be all alone, crying to Bridget Jones Diary or The Notebook but that is like really punishing yourself. So I’m here to tell you to kick your own ass and take the day by the horns. Look it’s going to be around you, whether you like it or not and by keeping busy that might help you.

This year it’s falls on a Friday night so why sit at home and sulk? Trust me you are not the only sulky bugger out there in your friendship group. Girls take your fellow single friends to a group movie (obviously everyone goes Dutch on the bill) and eat popcorn while watching something non-romantic film, do a DVD night with snacks, wine and Hollywood hunks galore (like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr, Zac Effron and Orlando Bloom) or go to your favorite pub for a drink or two.

Dudes go to your nearest local pub. There are bound to be loveless ladies looking for some spark romance on the night of love. Trust me on this one.

You might be saying or thinking something in the line of “But no one loves me”. Bullshit! Your mother loves you so much she changed your nappies. Your dog thinks you are god and the cat thinks he is a god (well, that’s a dispute for another day). On the day tell yourself you are a rock star, go out and buy yourself a coffee and a cookie. You are you own best friend as well so make it worth it. Cut the protein diet for just an hour and chomp down on your favorite pizza or ice cream. Eating something you love will help lift those sorrow moods.

Flowers might be some lovely food for me and probably why men never give me any flowers, because I eat them. Waterblommetjie bredie is my other death as well. But, if you are a lady that loves flowers then go out to your nearest nursery and buy yourself some flowers. Plant it in your garden or if you live in a tuna can size apartment get a pot plant. It’s amazing what a little green can do to you and your living environment. It’s true, just try it. Get some daisies, pansies, Afrikaners – happy flowers and with some colour – this will help you forget what date it is.

You might also be something like “I’m happy without any”. Yea right, no one believes you and neither does your dog or your cat. Trust me, dogs gossip about their owners while they think they are just barking at the wind (but they do bark at their own farts anyway, so what do they know?). Only you can make yourself happy, someone else just enhances it. Valentine’s Day is the prefect opportunity to finally let that crush know how you really feel. What do you have to lose? Your ego? Shame siestog. If you are not going to step up then you always going to wonder. Spend a little money, spend a little creative juice, you really don’t know what might happen. You might just get lucky. This cow knows…

So love can suck but love can rule as well. Who will make love? Just you and the rest of the world celebrating the Valentine’s Day. In Brazil they don’t have it (since it falls so close the Rio festival) but they do call it “Friendship Day” (must be another reason why some many people are in the friendzone).

If you want to cheer up on some songs or get in the mood here is my Top 5 Love songs:
1. Let Love In – The Goo Goo Dolls
2. Marry You – Gerald Clark
3. Again – Lenny Kravitz
4. Skin that you are in – Shotgun Tori
5. Poison – Alice Cooper (that last one is just for kicks)

So, do you agree or disagree with my advice? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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