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Reegan Du Buisson announced as the new vocalist for Facing the Gallows


It’s official! The search is over! The new vocalist for Facing The Gallows is Reegan Du Buisson. It has truly been a very eventful year for Johannesburg’s metalcore masters…

The band released their album Dead Mindset on the 20th February 2018 and long time vocalist and founding member Bryan Binneman announced his departure a couple months later. The band decided to look for a new vocalist.

Today the band released the following statement:

“After a bit of a lengthy audition process we managed to jam with and receive recordings of over 20 vocalists from South Africa. We are honestly blown away by the effort and talent that we saw and heard from the auditions. We really hope to see new bands stem from the skills and passion that these guys and girls put forward. We narrowed down the selections until we came to the agreement of the vocalist that best fits the position for fronting FTG …

Reegan Du Buisson and Facing The Gallows
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We are super excited to welcome the growls and friendship of Reegan Du Buisson. We are trying not to slow at all, with the transition of a new vocalist. Our first show with him will be at Krank’d Up 2018 followed by an I See Stars tour show, a big Halloween Bash which we have in the works at the moment, as well as recording a new single and EP this year.

Bryan will always have a place in our hearts and be a part of the FTG family. We are sad to see him go but we have some plans to still keep him involved with features on tracks and shows etc. Thank you for the continued support from everyone. We cannot wait to start this new chapter with our new frontman, create new friendships, make new memories and continue the journey with FTG! Somebody get that man a bells!”

Reegan Du Buisson goes on to add the following:

“I am so stoked to have joined the FTG family! I am still stumped for words. The feeling has been so surreal, from the moment the boys gave me the news… I think it is going to take some time to sink in. It is truly an honour and a privilege to know that I will be walking out on stage with Facing the Gallows!

I have been having the greatest time with these awesome lads over the past few weeks. I have had to find my feet pretty quickly though as there is still work to be done in preparation for what is to come! Krank’d Up will be my first show with the Gallows lads, which is BLOWING my mind!

I really enjoy the event seeing as it allows me the opportunity to see some old friends and faces from the old school days! I’m talking Schivas…haha! It has been a dream of mine to get on a stage again and with this chance I can’t wait to bring out the best in me, especially with having these dudes as inspiration.

Spending the past 7 years watching from a far and yelling my lungs out from the epicentre of that disgusting pit…. I am pumped!”

You can catch Facing the Gallows on the main stage at Krank’d Up Music Festival on the 29th September 2018 at Sundowners in Alberton, Gauteng. They are also one of the opening acts for the I See Stars Tour & the Our Last Night SA Tour (which is both happening later on in 2018).

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