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Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine (Music Video)


Once in a while a band comes along that just blows you away. And Goodnight Wembley, a newly formed Cape Town based band is one of those  bands.  I heard their fresh first single last week and it turned me into an instant fan. The band is comprised of members from Taxi Violence7th SonDead Lucky and Yes Sir! Mister Machine.

There’s been a lot of hype generated around Goodnight Wembley in the last week or so and I’m pretty sure that this band will be one of those that you need to watch out for in 2012 – mark my words. They sound like a band who have a lot of “Oemf” (and there are not many of those around nowadays).

The band’s members are George v/d Spuy (from Taxi Violence on vocals), Nic Gaud (from 7th Son on guitar & vocals), Alex Krause (from Dead Lucky on guitar), Gideon de Kock (from Like Knives and Yes Sir! Mister Machine on bass) and Jean Labuschagne (from Dead Lucky and Bilderberg Motel on drums).

Their musical style could be easily described as  Hard Rock Retro

If you ask me, I’d say that it does have somewhat of an old school feel to it. I can definitely pick up some Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influences there. The result is a fresh culmination of five unique styles drawing on their individual Grunge, Rock and Pop cultures.

Goodnight Wembley describes their sound as “fresh but nostalgic, curious and catchy, innovative yet familiar.  The band recently hosted their official launch at Mercury Live in Cape Town on the 30th of June.

The band released the music video for their song “Time Machine” on YouTube earlier this week. The video actually features Jaco “Snake” Venter (from Fokofpolisiekar and aKING) on drums. The video was directed by Loedi van Renen (the ex bassist for Taxi Violence) and was shot in a record time of 3 hours in a school hall in Melkbosstrand in the Western Cape.  If you haven’t heard this song, hold on, this song will blow you away, I promise.

So, what do you think of this song? Did it blow you away? Or do you think it sucks? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome on Running Wolf’s Rant.

If the song did blow your mind, you can download it via Facebook or via Boom FM. You can also follow @gnightwembley or join Goodnight Wembley on Facebook.

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