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Plug Music Agency Announce New Artist Management and Bookings Division


Since 2011, Plug Music Agency have spearheaded top notch Public Relations and Media Servicing to South African artists and musicians. Now, the company is turning it to eleven and opening their own Artist Management and Bookings division.

Founder of Plug Music Agency, Warren Gibson has been involved in the South African music industry for over twenty years. He’s been on-stage, behind-the-scenes as well as served as label manager for a leading South African independent record label. When he saw a gap in the market to grow musical talent, he worked timeously with his team to push forward the Artist Management division.

Plug Music Agency
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Says Warren, “First and foremost, I’m a music fan! I’m passionate about the bands I work with and have always tried to portray that in everything I do. Since day one, people have asked about management and bookings, I finally feel I have a team on board that I can trust and who are as passionate as I am. There is so much talent in this country and I think that we’ve chosen four of the best to work with.”

The four bands that are on Plug Music Agency’s Artist and Management roster are Truth and Its Burden, Ruff Majik, Facing The Gallows and Dirty Moonshine

“We’re really excited about the future with the guys at Plug Music Agency. To know that you’re working with people who care and who get what your band is about, understand your objectives and do their best to help us reach them, is truly comforting. The collective knowledge and resources within the Plug Music camp is something we’re excited to be a part of and experience, here’s to the future.” Truth and Its Burden

“We’re excited to finally have a team behind us as dedicated to the music and growing our band as we are. Only big things from here!” Ruff Majik

“It was a no brainer when Plug Music Agency approached us about signing with them. We’ve been working closely with them with the release of Dead Mindset (2018). The professionalism, dedication and care they have for Facing The Gallows is what makes joining the Plug Music Family so easy. It’s a step in the right direction getting our music out and spreading the Hate City Filth we love to bring.” Facing The Gallows

“Plug Music Agency is the type of company that we are proud to be working and associated with, we look forward to a bright and engaging future with the team.” Dirty Moonshine

To find out more about Plug Music Agency’s Artist And Management division contact Warren at warren@plugmusicagency.com. Alternatively check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or visit their website.

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