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The Generation of “Now”


In today’s fast paced world “now” is the it word. The word “now” runs our daily lives, informs our actions and changes our perception of things. “Now” is not just a word anymore, its a lifestyle. It’s a prerequisite for many things and its an attribute that businesses and people need to have to seem efficient and hard working.

What if life wasn’t lived by the term “now”. What if we lived life by “sometime” or “when it happens”?  Don’t get me wrong, being pro-active is a great attribute to have, but there are limits.

The fact is, people keep expecting more and more. When will it stop? Soon we will be expecting things within minutes rather than hours, when before it was days and before that it was weeks (and even months and years before that).


How will people keep up this relentless pace? How will businesses make money if clients aren’t happy because stuff can’t get done within minutes? Technology has come a long way but human interaction is needed at every stage, whether we like it or not. Automation has it’s advantages but so do people. We are creating a culture of “now now now”.

With that culture comes the expectation that if you are not always busy you are doing something wrong, that you are not living, that you are wasting space and air. Burnout is real. Ask someone really busy that you know about burnout.

When was the last time you took a day and did nothing? I mean really did nothing. When you savoured the sunrise or sunset, really tasted your tea and felt a nice chilled breeze while sitting outside?

Maybe it’s just a Jozi thing, maybe it’s a personality thing or maybe it’s just human nature?

What are your thoughts about this? Leave a comment and let me know…

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