“We’ve All Been There” Music Video released by The Shabs

The Shabs are ending the year off on a high note with the release of the video for their latest single “We’ve All Been There”. This song is taken from Can You Hear Us at the Back.

It’s been a fantastic year for Cape Town’s folk punk band, from signing to South Africa’s leading independent label Just Music for the release for the release of their latest album “Can You Hear Us at the Back”, to 3 successful album launch tours that included the UK, Europe and a nationwide South African tour.

Having previously handled video production themselves the band are excited about the opportunity they had to work with a full team this time around, headed by director Alasdair McCullough.

The Shabs - We've All Been There

Alasdair comments on the video

“It’s been a really cool experience to work with The Shabs: A crazy shoot schedule, crazy stunts, crazy comedy – I think the final video is gonna be a lot of fun!”

Double Bassist Ryan MacArthur comments on the video

“Working on this music video was honestly a highlight of the band’s career so far. Usually we do everything very DIY with the band doing most of the work. So, to have to opportunity to work with such a fantastic team of director, cinematographer, stylist, production designer, lighting technicians etc was amazing, and I think this video will mark a big step up for us.”

Vocalist and guitarist Jon Shaban comments

“We’re super excited about our new video for ‘We’ve All Been There’. It’s by far the most ambitious video we’ve ever made with The Shabs and another big step forward for the band. The message of the song is that we should never be scared to reach out and ask for help if and when we ever need it, and it’s been amazing for us a band to consistently feel so much love and support from our friends, old and new. Thank you so much to all the crew and actors who really committed to taking on this super ambitious project with us.”

Check out the video for “We’ve All Been There” below:

I have to admit that this is one of the better South African music videos that I’ve seen in 2019. I think I should be cranking up the rest of the album, because I’m actually liking what I’m hearing.

You can stream “We’ve All Been There” and the rest of the album HERE.

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