How is Big Data Revolutionizing Real Life Applications?

As we have heard about it, big data is currently revolutionizing the way how organizations work. We’re going a bit in-depth to some of the major big data applications in various industries to learn how this technology is changing the ways.

The application of big data in real life

Each and every aspect of your daily life is getting digitalized.  There is a gigantic amount of data generated from a wide variety of sources around us. When it comes to utilizing these enormous volumes of data for analysis, we face many challenges in utilizing traditional data storage and processing tools. Big data is introduced to overcome such challenges through applications like Hadoop, which now revolutionizes the ways of handling data.

Big Data

Irrespective of being big or small, more and more businesses are now leveraging the benefits of big data applications or varying scales. Businesses find big data helps them grow seamlessly and prepare them to compete globally. Further, we will discuss a few front-line application of big data in real life.

1. Big Data in the educational sector

There’s an increasing number of avenues for online and contact education. Thanks to this, the education industry is now thriving with a huge volume of data. This data is related to courses, students, faculties, results and much more.


It’s a known fact that proper analysis of this data could provide actionable insights which can be used to enhance the operational efficiency of the industry as a whole. This will ultimately benefit the learners and the providers. Below mentioned are some of the core fields in the education sector which could be transformed with big data initiatives.

Customized learning modules

Unlike the conventional practice of a one-size-fits-all type of educational topics, customized schemes of each individual learner can revolutionize the concept of education. This can be made possible by using the data collected on the learning history of each student and devise the training modules in the best interest of each. This will not only help improve the results but also can prepare the students for their best matching career roles.

Reframing the training material

Reframing the structure of the course and the training material based on the data collected will enable real-time monitoring of student performance. You can evaluate which modules of the course are easier for them to understand and which are difficult to track etc. through analyzing data.

Performance grading

A better grading approach also can be inducted with proper analysis of student data. Rather than depending on the term-end exam to assess the performance, a better analysis of daily performance on various aspects of learning can be incorporated into the grading to make it more comprehensive.

Career mapping

Proper maintenance of records about each student will help to better understand the progress of the students, their aptitude, strengths, weakness, and interests, etc. in minute details.

A good education and career expert will be able to derive some perfect assumptions from this data and identify which careers will be ideal for each student in the future.

Application of big data is putting forth some promising solutions in terms of doing proper career mapping. The purpose of this is to make each individual a successful professional.

2. Big data application in the healthcare sector

Healthcare is another major sector which is bound to generate a huge volume of data. As pointed out at, we will discuss some key aspects of big data in healthcare.


Reduce cost

Big data can help reduce the overall treatment cost as with proper analysis of data; there could be a lesser chance of performing any unnecessary diagnoses.

Make predictions

Big data analytics can help predict an outbreak of any epidemics. It can also help in deciding what kinds of preventive measures can be taken in order to reduce the adverse impacts of the same.

Avoid preventable diseases

Big data analytics can help to avoid the chances of preventable diseases by detecting such diseases at the very early stage itself and prevent it from further getting worse further. This approach will also make the treatment much easier and effective.

As you can see, there are wearable health-monitoring devices and different sensors which will offer real-time health monitoring of a patient. Such devices from Apple include Apple Health Kit and Care Kit etc. The major objective of such products is to empower individuals to access real-time health records and seek adequate medical help.

3. Big data in the government sector

Governments have to deal with a huge amount of data on a daily basis. They have to keep a record of various types of activities related to the citizens, organizations, and other non-governmental bodies. This is done to generate a huge volume of data every minute.

Government Sector

The energy resources and geographical surveys are also creating a wide range of unstructured data. All these data can be fed into big data, and proper analysis of this will help the governments to ensure a better administration, a few governmental areas in which big data help are:

Public welfare schemes

By understanding the actual needs of people, the implementation of welfare schemes can be made faster and in a timely manner in terms of rural and urban development. It will also help enhance the quality of life of the citizen.

Agriculture and industry

Big data analysis will help the government agencies to stay up-to-date in with the agricultural, manufacturing and other industrial sectors. It helps to them to keep track of the assets and activities of various industries. This can also help to overcome the challenges of unemployment and proper utilization of energy resources etc.

4. Cyber Security

Big data is now largely used for the deceit recognition for businesses. Security agencies are making use of big data platforms to identify a breach of data security and fraudulence. Governments are using big data analytics to catch tax evaders.

The US Food and Drug Administration leverages big data analysis. This is done in order to discover the patters to identify the unexpected or expected occurrence of food infections. The cyber security wings of the Police Department and FBI also are using big data analytics in cybercrime investigations.

Cyber Security

Apart from these, big data database administration is now playing crucial roles in transportation, logistics, banking, and finance, etc. also to name a few. The relevance of big data relies on how the organization collects and utilizes the relevant data and the tools used for analyzing it properly.

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