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Grassy Spark Explores Electronica With Their New Single “Flow”


Grassy Spark continue to adapt in the ever-changing current of being an artist. This Cape Town band’s new direction is very much weighted in the element of water and their brand new single, “Flow” is a shining example of where their heads are at creatively.

Yanick from Grassy Spark explains the song’s origin

“The song emulates the metaphor of water – its force is such that you cannot stop it, but only flow with it. Through the exploration of electronic sounds, the metaphor of flowing like liquid or water perfectly describes where we are at as artists – moving with the current and enjoying the ride.” 

Grassy Spark
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Yanick explains Grassy Sparks’ intention with “Flow”

“The intention is to explore another dimension of Grassy Spark that does not conform to preconceived rules. Much like “The Candy”, our goal is to create a rule then break it, and to reinterpret recycled ideas which move beyond the spectrum of music and rather into that of broad artistry. The concept that we want to cut through is fluidity in motion – mind, body and spirit – never accepting what is and always chasing what could be.”

More info about “Flow”

Teaming up again with Tutti Espi, the turn around time for “Flow” was just over a month, in comparison with the 6 month turn around time it took to create “The Candy”, which Tutti also produced.

Refusing to be pigeonholed as a specific type of act, through their new single, Grassy Spark continue to play with the idea that their core sound cannot be defined. You can listen to the track HERE.

My opinion about on “Flow”:

It’s something different, yet something sweet, but something catchy I could listen to on repeat.

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