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Taxi Violence release new video for “Fake It”


In case you did not know, Taxi Violence will release a series of EPs in 2017 culminating into a full length album release at the end of the year. This series is dubbed “Shape and Form”. Monday the 13th of February 2017 saw the release of “Shape and Form I”. Releasing music in increments allows the band to give their fans “new material more regularly”.

The first single from the Shape and Form I EP, “Fake It”, was released on SoundCloud as a free download at the end of January 2017.  Lead singer and lyricist, George van der Spuy, explains how the idea for the song was born: “I think most people can relate to this song or have been put in situations, like a new job, that you’re not entirely qualified for.  You have no clue what you’re doing, but desperately need the money, so you learn it as you go along or ‘fake it till you make it.’  Sometimes, when we write new songs, for instance, I don’t have all the lyrics memorised and I kind of just ‘wing it’ and hope nobody realises, haha!”

Bassist for Taxi Violence, Loedi van Renen, also an accomplished music video maker at Kill City Pictures, ran with this idea and turned the music video for Fake It into a hilarious modern day rock ‘n roll take on the 1989 black comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s.

What do you do when your lead singer meets his untimely end during a sound check, but the band still has a show to play? You make a plan, that’s what. You’ll see what I mean below:

I think that this is a brilliant music video, possibly one of the best that I’ve seen in 2017. I’m really impressed with Loedi Van Reenen’s work.

Like this song? You should see this band play live. They are amazing. You can catch Taxi Violence LIVE at Cape Farmhouse on the 4th of March, the Backsberg Picnic Concert on the 19th of March and Africa Bike Week in Margate on the 29th of April.

Get your copy of “Shape And Form I” from one of these platforms:

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